Anthony L. Williams (pictured on the right giving cast members some direction) is in the process of raising funds to produce ‘Closet Case,’ a film that challenges what norms truly are.

Anthony L. Williams has a vision. He wants to share the story about the LGBT community and he wants to make sure that it’s done Carolina style.

Over the last number of months and years, Williams has been developing “Closet Case,” an independent dramatic comedy film project that tells the story of alpha-male, husband and father Axel’s overnight experience when  he awakens after an evening of drinks with his gay friend Evan and finds the world is turned on its head. It seems that while he was passed out, gay society has become the norm. He’s now trapped in a predominately gay world. And, the story carries on from there as Axel navigates life in an alternate universe. Even though it is somewhat comedic in nature, the complexion of the piece is respectful. It does not take a side on the equality issue, but allows viewers the chance to see what life is like “with the shoe on the other foot.”

closetcase_logoInspiration for the film stems from his life experience growing up in Arkansas and living in the South where he was subjected to bullying as a child and has seen the injustices directed toward the LGBT community, especially African-American males.

Williams, who serves as the writer, director and producer through his Second Glance Films company, has been in the business of securing funds for the project so that it can become a reality. Even though the actual production of the film is yet to be made, one scene has already been shot. He was fortunate to have been able to obtain permission to get some footage during a recent Pride Winston-Salem celebration to blend into the storyline.

“Closet Case” has been cast and it will use professional talent from outside the Carolinas, plus locals. Williams shared that everything is all set to go pending securing the necessary funding to put the project into high gear. The target amount to do the whole project is about $150,000. Contributions are being handled through a partnership agreement with the Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation which gives contributors a way to make tax-deducible gifts to the film either in a single or ongoing contribution or through an investment. Contributors are able to make contributions through the film’s website which interfaces with Millennia Scope. Also, businesses can have their goods used in the film as a product placement opportunity. The foundation is serving as the film’s fiscal sponsor. Once funding is secured the film will go into production. Williams does not want to do the shoot piecemeal and also wants to shoot it in one spance of time. Locking down talent (cast, crews, etc.) for a single given timespan will be more efficient.

The film also has national and local business sponsors and supporters such as Pride Winston-Salem, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, Crape Myrtle Festival, as well as individuals.

As an actor, Williams’ training consisted of five years of formal theater education, writing and production. He attended the University of Arkansas – Little Rock with a focus in English/Creative Writing. In 2008, he moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where he discovered his knack for all things behind the camera.

‘Closet Case’ crew and actors film a scene at Pride Winston-Salem.

After having lived in Raleigh, N.C., for six months thereafter, he shared, he started his own film production company, Second Glance Productions, in addition to working freelance on other film productions that came into the state (“Iron Man 3,” “We’re the Millers,” “The Short Game,” etc). Even though he had great education to support his move into the film industry, most of his training and experience came from just being on set, he added.

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Lainey Millen

Lainey Millen was formerly QNotes' associate editor, special assignments writer, N.C. and U.S./World News Notes columnist and production director from 2001-2019 when she retired.