Mr Don’t H8 2010 Chip Matthew, King of Don’t H8 Jason Dottley, Mr Don’t H8 2011
Stone Parque

It’s Miss Della here with a quick little ditty, long overdue (months actually!) about what’s going on with Don’t H8 pageantry. I’d mentioned one or two of these contests in former columns, but it is time to come clean for these kids and update all of you on what I’ve missed out on (or messed up on, as the case may be).

I remember well as I was travelling to the Mr. contest back in the day and said that I was going up to see Tucker Wood relinquish his title. Actually, Tucker was giving up Mr. Club Odyssey some time later! I was so embarrassed because I knew my dear friend Stone Parque was giving up Mr. Don’t H8. He ended up passing along his title to David Bryant and David’s runners-up were Sebastian Armonte and Monte St. James.

Queen of Don’t H8, Kimberly Caldwell of ‘American Idol’

Just a short time later, back in Winston-Salem, Candace St. James won Miss Don’t H8 (for biological and post-op females), and her runners-up were Domaniqua LaCoochieSwab (yep, that’s her name!) and Victoria Velvet. Again, a few weeks later, Miss Don’t H8 DIVA (for impersonators) was held and Eureka O’ Hara won. Her runners-up were Andrea Carlisle, Malayia Chanel Iman and Buff Faye. The Don’t H8’s mission statement is: “To recognize and celebrate each individuals’ differences through our message of one voice, one song, one dance can make a change!”

The officers in the organization are Chip Matthews, Felicity Ferraro, Jayda Clyne, Bryan Black, Justin Johnson, Aurora Scott Carlisle and Akilah Collins. : :

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Some more on the pageant

The system dates back to 2010 when Chip Matthews won the Mr. Don’t H8 title. He was joined by Monica Jefferies as Miss Don’t H8 and Derrick Barry as Diva Don’t H8.

The following year, “Sordid Lives” and Billboard recording artist Jason Dottley won the lifetime King Don’t H8 title and “American Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell netted the lifetime Queen Don’t Hate crown. The Mr. title was won by Stone Parque; Miss, Barbara Maberry, Diva, Felicity Ferraro; Teen, Travis Stancil; Lil Miss, Aubrie Jayde; and Logan H, Lil Mr.

Front row: Mr. Don’t H8 2012 David Bryant, former Miss Diva Monica Jefferies, former Mr. Chip Matthews. Back row: Miss Diva 2012 Eureka O’Hara, Miss Don’t H8 Candace St. James, former Miss Diva Felicity Ferraro, former Diva Derrick Barry of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Caldwell is a straight ally who champions LGBT causes.

Out N Proud Productions contributed to the development financially and SJ Photography provided photographs. Winston-Salem’s Club CO2 also serves as a avid supporter. Jeff Reeves of the Unlimited System also assisted with the effort by providing guidance.

Contestants are judged on Interview, Evening Gown or Formal Wear
and Talent. : :

— Research courtesy Photography SJ Photography.