Pam Spaulding
Pam Spaulding

Durham, N.C.-based blogger Pam Spaulding has been honored with an award from the Women’s Media Center.

Spaulding, who operates the acclaimed progressive LGBT blog, was one of 11 female journalists and media personalities honored at a reception held June 17 at the Women’s Media Center offices in New York City.

The “blogmistress,” as she calls herself, was one of two online journalists honored. Other honorees included CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Rebecca Traister of, news commentator Rachel Maddow, singer Dolly Parton and actress Tina Fey.

Women’s Media Center co-founder Gloria Steinem presented the award and thanked Spaulding for “creating a website that gives the LGBT community a strong and (sic) voice and a center of action.”
Spaulding, always humble, took the time to thank and honor her readers. “Without my readers, I am just another voice out in the wilderness on the digital space,” she said.

Spaulding is the recipient of the 2006 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Manatt Horowitz Trust. She is on the board of The Institute of Southern Studies and also serves on its Media Advisory Group. Her blog is ranked among the top 50 progressive political blogs on the internet and has been honored as the “Best LGBT Blog” by the 2005 and 2006 Weblog Awards.

Spaulding currently contributes to or has written for a number of other progressive blogs including, Americablog, Firedoglake and The Bilerico Project. In the past, she has written for The Independent Weekly and currently writes a column for The Durham News.

Spaulding lives in Durham with her wife Kate, legally married in Vancouver in 2004, and their two dogs. She works as an information technology manager at Duke University Press.

Read Spaulding’s brief on her visit to New York City and watch video from the Women’s Media Center awards ceremony at

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