There’s a certain large retail department store based in Charlotte that claims it is “Modern Southern Style.” Plenty of folks in the Queen City and across the South spent many a shopping trips there, but there are new kids in town offering up new twists on southern classics and fresh, modern fashions for the new urbanite.

Silverfly, opened by Fidel Montoya last November, sits in the posh Metropolitan in Midtown. Small in square footage, the store makes up for it with the kind of service Patrick, the friendly and handsome employee qnotes spoke with, says folks won’t find at the larger department stores. “Here, you aren’t a customer,” he says. “You are a client.”

Montoya, who didn’t have much retail experience before opening his store, says he saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled.

“Charlotte has some great women’s boutiques, but does not offer a great selection for men,” he says. “I wanted to bring lines not offered anyhwere in Charlotte.”

He says his store has styles for “the intentional dresser, the comfort dresser and choices to push the envelope and get noticed.”

Montoya, Patrick and trendy marketing guru Rachel Sutherland helped qnotes put together three stylish outfits perfect for your social calendar this spring. You’ll notice some local brands in the mix, like Raleigh Denim and The J.Hamilton Collection. Silverfly also carries an assortment of other Carolina-made clothing.

“I feel it is important to support North Carolina designers, manufacturers and small business,” says Montoya. “I will always try to bring in the quality-made local items. This month, I am bringing in Enemy 2 Fashion bags designed and partly manufactured in NoDa. Later in the spring, I am bringing Old Mason Jar button-ups, also designed in the Charlotte area.”

If you’re looking for modern, southern style, you might find it at a department store. But, one thing’s for sure — you’ll definitely find it at Silverfly. Take a look at the styles below and learn more at

Modern Prep

It’s almost springtime and Easter is just around the corner. You know what that means: Seersucker season is back! But, you can modernize that stuffy, southern look that is nearly ubiquitous in places like Savannah and Charleston with a bit of urban, eclectic flair. Take this ensemble, for example, which mixes complementary textures and colors and a tighter, more fitted form for what Silverfly calls “Modern Prep” perfect for work, brunch and other not-so-formal events where a touch of class is still a must. Traditional southern fashion makes an appearance with this long-sleeve, button-up seersucker shirt from Vince ($185) and a locally-crafted, honest-to-God bowtie (none of that clip-on stuff!) from The J.Hamilton Collection ($45-$60). Blue jeans from the North Carolina-based Raleigh Denim ($285) give a casual flare to the outfit while this blue jacket from Vince ($185) provides the “business” in “business casual.” Top it off with pocket square from J.Hamilton ($40).

Military Chic

The fashion experts at Silverfly say this spring’s style trends will be inspired by the rugged. So, naturally, military-inspired looks drawing on darker colors like greens, blues and grays will be in, as will rugged-in-design acoutrements like boots, belts and bags. This “Military Chic” style is great for more casual settings, running errands, lunches with friends and more. Yet, it’s still just polished enough to make it appropriate for casual Fridays at work. Start off with Raleigh Denim jeans and add in this shirt ($79) and jacket ($475) from 7 Diamonds. A messenger bag ($85, inset) from Alternative Apparel and boots ($147) from Caterpillar (yes, the some folks who make the big-boy toys like tractors, backhoes and frontloaders) rounds out the look.

Party Fresh

Light up the club during your night on the town with these fresh and bright colors. Start your base with Raleigh Denim jeans, a striped shirt from Ben Sherman’s Plectrum ($75) and attention-grabbing shoes from Civic Duty ($59). Complete the party-hoppin’ costume with this unique sweater from Electric Mvmt ($90). Along the zipper edges and hoodie, orange LED lights will keep you glowing in the dark club, thereby ensuring all the cute guys see you all night long.

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Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.