southernshows_santaclaus_smYes, yes, yes. We know. You say it is way too soon to start talking about Christmas and the holidays. What you don’t know is that we started getting holiday-related press releases on gizmos and gadgets and gifts and God knows what else way back in July. Talk about holiday fatigue, right?

Well, there’s nothing better to reinvigorate (or, for most sane people, kick-start) your holiday spirit than Charlotte’s annual Southern Christmas Show. It all starts Nov. 11 and runs through Nov. 22, at The Park (formerly the Merchandise Mart) at Independence Blvd. and Briar Creek Rd.

The phenomenal press folks at the show were cool enough to send along a great press release. Usually these kinds of things are just press announcements and boring tid-bits of information most readers wouldn’t care about. Not this time — Southern Shows gives us their list of 20 gifts under $20:

  1. Coolligraphy. Dannie Studio. Your name, or the name you are gifting, becomes a hand painted picture logo. $10. Space 911
  2. Pottery Brie Baker dish. Jenny Cartee Pottery; includes recipe. $15. Space 1011
  3. British Recipe Book. Butkins Linen and Lace, Book includes recipes, unusual British laws, and interesting tidbits. $10. Space 3014
  4. Life Magazine, for week of birth. CW’s Vintage Life. $12. Space 2106
  5. Hand felted Coin Purse. Crossroads/World Art. Handmade in Nepal by women’s collective. $9. Space 2057
  6. Russian Nesting Dolls. Golden Cockerel. 3.5” hand painted animal nesting dolls. $12.  Space 3322
  7. Augusta’s Pimento Cheese. Half-pound container, original pimento cheese. $5.99.  Space 2706
  8. Personalized CD’s. Just Me! Music. CD’s with child’s favorite characters.  $19.95, Space 3123.
  9. Old Fashioned Stick Ponies. Lebo’s.  $19.99. Space 2702
  10. I Believe-Nut Lover. Southern Supreme. Fruitcake, cinnamon pecans, chocolate peanuts.  Gift box, $18.50. Shop 24
  11. Velvet Scarves & Pillows. Ki.  Scarves $10; velvet hand beaded pillows $15. Space 2019
  12. Decorative Switchplates. Switchplate Gallery. Personal, hand painted. $9.95. Space 1113
  13. Recycled Mercedes Seat Belt Wallet. Gretchen & Grace Greenwear. Recycled seat belts crafted into hard-wearing, fuchsia-lined wallets. $18. Space 2042
  14. Gourmet Gift Box. Orr’s Farm Market & Orchard. Wooden crate with paring knife, blackberry jam and apple pie filling. $14.99. West Virginia Shop 5
  15. Personalized Coat Racks. Miles Woodcraft. Coat racks, name plaques in primary and pastel colors. $17.95 and $13.95. Space 616
  16. Joe’s Famous Hot Sauces. Teffeteller Sales. Hot barbecue sauces and pickled veggies. Pack of four items $19. Space 3114
  17. Extreme Headphones. EF International. $12.95.  Space 3210
  18. Glow in the Dark Yackle Ball. Ttalf Toys. Soft, X-shaped water-resistant ball. $15 (includes glow in dark wrist band and t-shirt). Space 3423
  19. Handmade Moravian Stars. Handmade Stars. Simple & Petite. $15. Space 126
  20. Colorful Steel Roses. Tracy Maisel Studios. Eight different colors for inside or outside. Two sizes. $8, $16. Space 704

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.