The Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA) has launched its God Loves Trans Kids and LGBTQ+ People community awareness campaign as of March 14.

The campaign is designed to to bring attention to the extraordinary amount of anti-LGBTQ legislation currently being proposed in South Carolina and the politicians and advocacy groups using religion as a scapegoat for bigotry and political discrimination.

“People who use religion to excuse their bigotry and hate hurt our children and damage LGBTQ communities. We must work towards a South Carolina where all people are valued and respected,” said Chase Glenn, Executive Director of AFFA, based in Charleston, South Carolina. “Everyone has the right to live free from discrimination and persecution, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Seven strategically-positioned and brightly colored billboards across the state aim to remind South Carolinians that God loves and accepts LGBTQ people. The accompanying God Loves Trans Kids and LGBTQ+ People website directs visitors to resource, donation, and advocacy pages where they can take action to support the efforts of AFFA and LGBTQ+ people statewide.

As a social justice organization achieving equality and acceptance for LGBTQ+ people since 1998, AFFA has long been supported by multiple religious and faith communities.

Rabbi Greg Kanter

Rabbi Greg Kanter of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim in Charleston, who supports AFFA’s mission, commented: “Our faith teaches us to build the world with deeds of loving kindness. There we find God and each other. There is no room for hate.”

“LGBTQ+ people are an integral part of the human family who are all loved and cherished by God,” said Reverend Adam Shoemaker of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. “We believe affirming legislation that fully supports marriage equality and LGBTQ+ families is what justice looks like, for justice is what love looks like in public.”

The hurtful messages and actions of some religious organizations and individuals have deeply wounded LGBTQ+ people.

AFFA stands in solidarity with all those harmed by discriminatory actions and messages from religious organizations and individuals. AFFA is committed to creating a more inclusive South Carolina.

“Change is only possible if we commit to working towards a South Carolina where all people are valued and respected,” added Glenn. “By standing together and advocating for change, we can create a better future for all of us.”

Currently there are billboards in Charleston at I-26 westbound, two miles east of Hwy 21; I-26 eastbound, mile marker 122; I-385 0.3 miles north of Hwy 101; I-126 in Columbia and another is slated for Gervais Street near the South Carolina Statehouse, launching March 27. Although an exact location cannot be confirmed, Charleston City Paper has also reported a billboard in Greenville.

To report additional surprise sightings around the state or any incidents of vandalism, visit the AFFA website here.

You can also visit God Loves Trans Kids and LGBTQ+ People for more details.

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