Portion of the Alliance for Full Acceptance billboard campaign. See below for all images.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA) launched its “Beyond Marriage” billboard campaign on Oct. 5 on I-26 west-bound between the Dorchester and Montague exits.

The Facebook-inspired campaign is comprised of four consecutive billboards which follows the social media posts of a newly married lesbian woman. Slogans stated are: “Just MARRIED!!!”; “Just got EVICTED!!!!! Landlord saw wedding pics…”; “Just got FIRED…BECAUSE I’M GAY!!!!!!!!”; and “There’s more to equality than marriage. #BEYOND MARRIAGE” and have been showcased throughout the campaign in the port city.

Each year, AFFA takes its cause for equality to the main street through its media campaign efforts. They have produced TV commercials, radio spots, newspaper ads and a documentary. Slogans such as “Homosexuality isn’t the problem, prejudice is.”; “We are your neighbors … and we are gay.”; and “Gay rights are civil rights. Acceptance without exception.” have been long remembered by those who view them.

Currently, in South Carolina, it is legal to fire someone from their job because they are gay. LGBT people receive no protections from the Fair Housing Act. The state is one of only five states that do not have hate crime laws. Certain challenges still exist for those who wish to have or adopt children. And, the “Healthy Sexuality” program in public high schools across the state includes discussion of LGBT sexuality as it relates to sexually transmitted diseases. These are only a few issues which AFFA is working against in the fight against prejudice and discrimination.

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The four-part AFFA billboard campaign.
The four-part AFFA billboard campaign.

In other news, AFFA held its “Wildest Dreams” GAyLA on Oct. 17 at the Memminger Auditorium. During the event, it presented honors to three community members who change the “hearts and minds” while supporting the community.

Those individuals are: Jeff Ayers, The Linda Ketner Founder’s Award and Chase Glenn and Melissa Moore, AFFA GAyLA honorees.

Ayers played a vital roll in the marriage equality fight. He serves as chair of SC Equality (SCE) and continues to be a “permanent fixture at the South Carolina State House” as he fights for equality statewide.

Glenn has self-produced an online series, “Emerging Chase,” which deals with  educating the community and supporting transgender individuals, along with their family and friends. He has chaired the Charleston Pride Festival, raised money for the Trans*Love Fund, designed a SCE license plate, chairs the TransAction Committee, among other contributions.

Moore has been a champion for LGBT youth. She is the executive director of We Are Family. She was included as a contributor to the “Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio” anthology.

info: affa-sc.org.


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