It’s still cold outside. Maybe there’s some threat of snow or ice. Spring seems so close, yet so far away. There’s still time to cuddle up with a nice book next to your fireplace and, maybe if you’re lucky, you can catch a warm day and sit outside with a nice, interesting story.

And, what could be more interesting or seductive than erotica?

Four new releases are hitting shelves, promising to captivate audiences with tales love and lust, pleasure and provocation, desire and attraction.

For the girls…

Edited by Sacchi Green, “Girl Crazy” is a compilation of fiction, coming out erotica stories. With contributions from nearly 20 different writers, the stories in “Girl Crazy” are varied enough for any interest.

A similar compilation seies has released its 2010 edition of “Best Lesbian Erotica.” Edited by Kathleen Warnock, the book’s stories from over 20 different authors is introduced by BETTY, a five-piece pop rock alternative band from New York City.

For the boys…

The male companion to “Best Lesbian Erotica: 2010,” appropriately named “Best Gay Erotica: 2010,” is edited by Richard Labonté with an introduction by Blair Mastbaum, an openly gay author and co-editor of “Cool Things: Best Gay Fiction from Young American Writers.” Like its lesbian counterpart, “Best Gay Erotica” brings together unique stories from nearly 20 writers and combines them into one exciting read.

Last, but definitely not least, is something for those with more attuned interests. “Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica,” edited by Phillip Mackenzie, Jr., dares to discuss all the things we know (or at least fantasize) are happening down in the barracks when the commanding officer takes his leave. : :

This article was published in the Feb. 6 – Feb. 19 print edition.