I’ve been one of the fortunate ones to be a long-time Kyler England supporter for over five years now. With each live show and studio album, Kyler, a North Carolina native, always brings very focused, passionate, honest and enjoyable indy acoustic-pop in her releases. Kyler’s fifth and latest release, Simple Machine, is the most polished and radio ready album to date from her career so far. Kyler’s an award-winning songwriter in her own right, and no doubt has music made to be heard by the masses.

Here are some of her accomplishments: Finalist for Best Female Artist for the International Acoustic Music Awards, Best Alternative Rock CD for the Indie Acoustic Project, and Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2007. Her music has recently appeared on TV and in film including “Ghost Whisperer,” “Army Wives,” “Guiding Light,” “Rollergirls,” “Paradise City” and the upcoming film “The Lucky Ones” starring Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins. Kyler tours like a madwoman, and and has shared the stage with artists including Sting, Annie Lennox, Melissa Etheridge, Teitur, Gavin DeGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Meredith Brooks, Liz Phair, Emm Gryner, Josh Joplin and Vienna Teng, just to name a few.

This album is the most authentic to Kyler’s voice as a artist covering diverse topics of love, relationships, science, spirituality, and everyday life. England says of the album, “It’s a little more pop, a little more alt-country, a little more singer-songwriter, and a lot more me. I feel like with every song I write and every record I make, I get closer to my truest voice both as a singer and writer. These songs all mean a lot to me personally- they’re 3/4 autobiographical and the other 1/4 are inspired by people close to me. And I’m not telling who or which songs so don’t ask,” she adds with a smile.

“818” is a clever song about being away from home while on the road and kicks off the album.

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“Tonight, Tonight” could easily be about anyone who has tried to pursue their dreams in Los Angeles and met some obstacles in doing what they love to do. This song is powerful and empowering, with the lyrics “you used to be a dreamer but lately you can’t sleep / it’s like the city of angels went behind your back and clipped your wings / and every time you jumped you fell / tell gravity to go to hell.”

“You and I” is sweet and poetic and one of the strongest songs on Simple Machine, with the focus on love and relationships and nothing in the world making sense but the relationship you’re in. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of New York City (“you used to hold my hand all the time / you’d get your fingers all laced through mine like new york city streets through the avenues”) with intimate moments that Kyler crafts so well in her songwriting.

“Simple Machine” is the poignant title track, about the emotional connection of love versus giving up and viewing the heart as a simple machine. Kyler over the years has always mastered using the similarities and differences between art and science in her work and “Simple Machine” is the best example from this latest release.

Kyler’s romantic side is always refreshing to hear in her music as well, such as “Sweetspot,” a simple and sweet song about just wanting to be with the one you love that make all your problems go away.

Her music can’t be boxed in one genre — her talent could be spread across pop, country, alt-folk and rock with complete belief that she can hold her own among her peers. “You Wait For Rain” could easily be a country music hit in waiting, as well as “Quittin’ Time,” about knowing when it’s time to walk away. “Clean Slate” is a great song about friendship that you don’t hear anymore, that you really don’t hear anymore.

“Sugarpill” is the most haunting song on Simple Machine, about needing to escape a bad situation that is too painful to speak of. “Bells and Whistles” close out the album, a to the point pop song that pretty much says, don’t give me flash, give me substance. There’s nothing but substance in Kyler England’s music and watch this beautiful and hard working woman’s hard work break right through to the top of the music industry.

info: Purchase Kyler England’s CD or on ITunes at her official website: www.kylerengland.com.

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