qnotes is putting together our New Year issue, which will hit streets on Jan. 8, 2011. We want to feature New Year’s resolutions from community leaders and members across the Carolinas! We asked readers to submit their resolutions back in our Dec. 11 issue and set up this handy form to do so. But, alas, a technical snafu unknown to us today prevented us from receiving any of the messages you might have sent. If you’ve already submitted your resolution via our website, please do so again. Your message is important to us!

Your resolutions can be about anything: for you or your family, for a particular organization (perhaps, an organization you’re involved with) or for the community at large.

Help us feature your resolutions in our Jan. 8 print edition by sending yours in by this Friday, Dec. 31 at Noon. Try to keep your written resolutions shorter than 2 paragraphs or so (about 100-150 words). Again, you can use this handy form (we’ve corrected our technical boo-boos) or email us at editor@goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com.

REMEMBER to send your resolutions in by Friday, Dec. 31 at Noon, and if you wish send us a high-resolution headshot or interesting photo to print along with your resolution.

Hoping your holidays are going well and Happy New Year!