Halloween is upon us. The time where all the spooks and horrors come to life — including drag queens. It is not a surprise that many first-time drag queens start dressing up on Halloween. What could be a more safe and fun time to do so? Seriously, it’s a spooktacular time to be frightening and fierce.

I have already been contacted by at least a handful of people who want do to drag this Halloween. So I decided to come up with some tricks and tips on what you need to be a drag queen this Halloween.

1. Clothing: You must select the right clothes to go with your look. Are you going to be a beauty or a scary beast? I mean it is Halloween. These days you can get drag clothing from almost anywhere and spruce it up with rhinestones, sequins and boas. Try the thrift stores or even Ross — to cross-dress for less.

2. Wigs: Yeah, you can get a cheap plastic wig at Party City. It will look horrible and frightening no matter how you try to style it. And trust me, it will never look like the photo. The general rule is that the more you pay for a wig, the better the wig will be. Locally, if I need a wig fast, I go to Morris Costumes. Otherwise, I go to a professional wig stylist or company. Plan ahead on this one.

3. Boobs & Body: Get yourself a bra at Walmart and make some boobs out of some foam or put birdseed in a sock. Boobs will help give you a waistline. Plus, when you add your hip pads, it will create that hourglass shape. Hip pads can be tricky, but you just have to watch one of the many web tutorials. Now I would generally say that you have to have boobs and wear hip pads to be a drag queen, but the influence of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has shown otherwise. Still I encourage you to embrace proportions if you want that real feminine beauty queen illusion.

4. Dragscaping: Shave. I said it. Sure you can be a bearded queen if that is your look, but otherwise shave that body head to toe. Show that you are committed to being a drag queen. If you decide not to shave, you have to sell yourself. Prepare to howl at the moon.

5. Heels: Now you can’t say you’re a drag queen unless you are wearing some sort of heel. Really, I don’t care if it is a gogo boot or a kitten heel. Depending on the size you wear in men’s shoes, it can be difficult to find women’s heels above a size 12 at a local shoe store. Some of the best places are Payless and Walmart, but still you have to shop around. A good rule is that if you wear a size 10 men’s shoe your women’s heel size will be two sizes bigger. So you wear a size 12 in women’s heels. If you have time, go online and buy heels. If you’ve got a wide foot, going another size bigger is a good idea.

6. Makeup: This is where it pays to have a drag queen friend or two. There are numerous drag makeup tutorials online these days, but many still require a helping hand. Some of them are specific to doing Halloween drag too. I always found it easier to do Halloween drag looks than others. Either way, figure out what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask a drag queen friend. Drag queens love to help out a newbie. And if you’ve got $50, then I am sure they will make time for you. If not, pull in those favors.

7. Final Touches: Pantyhose, fishnets, nails, eyelashes, gloves…oh my! Don’t forget the final touches. Believe me, these little things will set you above the rest. And regardless of whether you take one or none of these tips, remember to have fun and enjoy the queerest holiday — Halloween!

DRAG TIP: Remember, you may be in drag at that Halloween party a long time, so plan how you are getting out of that dress to go to the bathroom. Or make sure you can sit because after the first hour those heels will feel like hell — trust me on that.

SHOUT OUTS: So you think you’re a drag queen this Halloween? You should try entering the Miss All Hallows’ Eve pageant on Thursday, Oct. 25 at Rooftop 210 at the Epicenter in Uptown Charlotte. Only $50 for the registration fee. Or at least come watch. Learn more at EatMoreBuff.com.

Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and performs to express her creativity (and raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hotspots. Plus, don’t forget her monthly Sunday drag brunch and regular Friday night party bus. Learn more at AllBuff.com. Follow on Twitter @BuffFaye.

Buff Faye

Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and performs to help save the world from Republicans (and raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her monthly...