The Knoxville Cyclones sport their medals and trophy after tournament play. Photo Credit: Bryan Anderson

It is hot outside these days. But, that has not stopped the LGBT athletes of the Carolinas from playing the sports they love! Here are a couple events you may have missed and a look ahead at two of the biggest LGBT tournaments in the world.


The Carolina Softball Alliance completed their 12th season on July 27 by crowning the Carolina Showtime champions for the second straight year. The regular season and tournament champs looked unstoppable most of the year. Buoyed by team regulars Jessica King, Dana Howard, Katie Geis and Brice Taylor, Coach Mark Herring was able to blend in several new faces with those stalwarts to find a successful team chemistry. One of those new faces, Gregory Clemmons, shined over the last month of the season, propelling Showtime through the dog days of summer to help the team recapture the championship over the Carolina Xtreme. Congratulations goes out to all the players, coaches, supporters and board members that keep the league moving forward.

The following weekend, Knoxville hosted their annual K-Town Klassic, which is essentially the last LGBT softball tournament before the Gay Softball World Series being held in Dallas, Texas, in September.

This year’s field of teams was the biggest yet, which led to multiple softball complexes having to be used. However, that did not dampen the level of play.

Knoxville’s home teams played particularly well on their home soil. The Cyclones, which had teams in all three divisions (B, C and D), placed in the top three in each division. Atlanta’s top teams also performed well, placing five teams in the trophy rounds.

The Knoxville Cyclones huddle up before a game in tournament play. Photo Credit: Bryan Anderson
The Knoxville Cyclones huddle up before a game in tournament play.
Photo Credit: Bryan Anderson


B Division

1st, Atlanta Show Stoppers

2nd , Knoxville Cyclones

3rd, Atlanta Crew

C Division

1s, Atlanta Enuff Said

2nd, Atlanta Sting

3rd, Knoxville Cyclones

D Division

1st, Knoxville Cyclones

2nd, Trampa Sloppy Seconds

3rd, Atlanta Wild-Ones

Next up for most of these teams is the tournament of the year, the World Series. Texas plays host to one of the most competitive LGBT tournaments in the country, with even more teams and players than last year.

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The Charlotte Royals finished their last tune up practice for the Bingham Cup on Aug. 1. In the next few weeks, they will begin their long, arduous trip to Australia to bring home the championship to North Carolina. This is the largest international rugby tournament in the world and earning the championship win would be historic for any team, much less an American team that has only been around for 10 seasons.

The Royals would like to pass along their immense thanks and gratitude for all the help they have received in preparation for this journey down under from all of the players, friends, sponsors and, most importantly, family. Wish them the best of luck and follow their exploits on facebook via Charlotte Royals page at : :