SC Equality’s new executive director, Christine Johnson, reached out to supporters today in a letter and asked them to complete a survey they’ll use to present LGBT community needs to state lawmakers.

Via email:

A letter from our new Executive Director, Christine Johnson

Dear friends,

Having been the executive director of South Carolina Equality for just over a month now, I find myself in awe of our exceptional community. From the upstate to the low country, everyone is welcoming and eager to help create the change that brings us closer to full equality in South Carolina.

It might seem a bit unbelievable, but when we work together with our allies and in cooperation with like-minded forces, we are fiercely powerful. We can influence elections, change perspectives and make lasting impressions on the hearts and minds of those who would deny us our equal rights.

While serving two terms in the House of Representatives for the State of Utah, I learned lessons about human nature, public policy and the slow and steady erosion of bigotry. I observed minds open, hearts moved and progress made. Most importantly, I learned that creating change hinges on one single act: speaking our truth. You see, when we look one another in the eye, share our stories and give those we would otherwise rule out as hopeless an opportunity to expand their awareness, we empower ourselves. I am giving you an opportunity to join me and speak your truth.

SC Equality is conducting an extensive survey for members of the GLBT community. Please take ten minutes and share your experiences of living in South Carolina, and then share this email with five other GBLT community members you know.

When the survey has concluded, SC Equality will hold a press conference at the Capitol to share our results. We want lawmakers to know that our community reaches every county in South Carolina. We’ll make it clear that we are not outsiders, but live, work and play in every legislative district. We’ll demonstrate that we are voters, parents, co-workers and equally deserving of representation throughout each branch of government.

Most importantly, we’ll echo the sentiment of the Constitution when we say, EQUAL MEANS EVERYONE.

Please also consider a $10.00 donation to show your support of our survey and legislative outreach. At SC Equality, we recognize that our strength comes from supporters both inside and outside the GLBT community and we look forward to sharing our vision of an equitable and discrimination-free South Carolina. We’ll continue to provide opportunities for engagement and appreciate your continued support!

Yours in Equality,
Christine Johnson

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.