The couple was left without video of their wedding when the homophobic videographer abandoned them. (Photo Credit: Africa Studio via Adobe Stock)

A company called Tolman Media has issued a refund, a public apology, and a complete revitalization of their company policy after one of their videographers walked out in the middle of a same-sex wedding. Brides Clarissa and Teegan Templeton exchanged vows on April 3 in North Carolina. 

The videographer, Seth Curl, was based in South Carolina and interacted with the Templetons via email prior to the ceremony. There seemed to be nothing amiss until Teegan started her walk down the aisle; only to find that Curl was not in position to film the affair. 

Clarissa and Teegan posted on their Facebook, “All I know is our happiness on our special day has forever been stolen from us. Out of town guests, dear family and friends were unable to attend our wedding due to COVID-19, they were heartbroken that they couldn’t come to the wedding in the first place and then heartbroken once again when they found out there would be no video.” 

This post has garnered attention from hundreds of people across the U.S., all opinionated and all shocked, one way or the other, about the event that transpired at the Templeton wedding. 

Not surprisimgly, a handful of negative responses were posted: “Marriage should be between a man and a woman, says the lord God almighty. Giver of life” and “It’s the videographer’s choice, I just hope he gave any money back.” These messages, however, are few and far between those more heartfelt responses. Members of the LGBTQ community have stood behind the Templetons, taking it upon themselves to contact Tolman Media and demand justice on the couple’s behalf. 

Citing his faith as a barrier between adequately performing his job and being comfortable participating in a same-sex wedding, Curl left the Templeton’s ceremony at the worst possible moment. For his lack of professionalism, Tolman promptly fired him. 

The company’s president, Ben Hillyard, stated, “We at Tolman Media hold discrimination and discriminatory behavior as a very serious offense against individuals. We do not tolerate it within our organization. The opinions and beliefs of this videographer do not represent our beliefs or our track record in any way shape or form.”

Hillyard went on to clarify that any employee who refuses to work with LGBTQ clients will be immediately dismissed from their position for any such behavior that is in direct conflict with Tolman Media’s company policy on discriminatory practices. 

The Templetons are not the only same-sex couple experiencing anti-gay discrimination from businesses citing their religious beliefs as grounds for discrimination in North Carolina. McCae Henderson and Ike Edwards ( were also told that their wedding would be affected by N.C.-based venue Highgrove Estate’s discriminatory policies. 

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