Oh, kiddies, we’re down to the wire this time! My column has been due and I’m still rounding up the tea! Believe it or not, we’ll have a Rag of a pretty good size this go ’round — a lot has been going on.
A clear-up from the last Rag — when I mentioned Amaya won Miss Fayetteville back in the fall, I failed to mention her first runner-up was Imani Tate. Also, my apologies to Macy Alexander for not mentioning that she gave up the title of Miss Charlotte U.S.ofA. Duh! I sat right there and watched her as she performed, but I was in the office tallying up scores for her give-up number. No shade, mama — I have much love for you. Just a dizzy blonde (by choice) here!

Congrats are going out to Neely O’Hara who recently won Miss Mardi Gras at Warehouse 29. She won Talent, On-Stage Question and Creative Costume. Her 1st RU, Tia Chanella, won gown and 2nd RU was Malyia Chanel.

And speaking of the Warehouse, they have two exciting new contests taking place there in the near future — the Queen of Clubs for winners of bar titles from across the state and Miss Global Glam Plus for the large and lovely entertainer. Former Miss NC U.S.ofA. Diamond, who has just returned to the stage after a hiatus, was named the emeritus of Queen of Clubs and Paisley Parque is the emeritus for Global Glam Plus. Check back here next month for my ranting and raving about the “Legends of XTC” show at the Warehouse on Valentine’s evening, featuring Lily White, Kelly Rae, Tiffany Bonet, Lauren Colby and Jamie Monroe.

Well, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is off! All the kids who don’t have LOGO have been logging on to the site to watch the episodes. The morning of the preview, it was featured on NBC’s “Today Show” and the Raleigh News & Observer did an interview with Victoria Parker. What’s this I hear about a tour of the contestants at some point? Piggy, you’re holding out on me!

A friend Michael just mentioned to me that I missed a gorgeous former Miss Continental Candis Cayne (in an equally stunning gown) hosting the NewNowNext awards on LOGO. Talk about a flawless, talented queen — I’m sorry I missed it.

Much exciting news from Hotlanta: first of all, the results from Atlanta Divine Continental — Melania Cortez won with RU Kenya Black. Amelia Black won the PLUS with RU Envy Van Michaels. To top it off, we have the return of Charlie Brown’s X-Rated Cabaret! taking place on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. at Artistry at 942 Peachtree Rd. It’s free admission, smoke-free and free valet parking. Wow! It features the Bitch of the South — Mr. Charlie Brown — Jordan Kennedy, Cezanne, Ashley Kruiz, Shawnna Brooks, Jade Daniels, Bianca Nicole, Alexandria Martin, Jazelle and Nicole Paige Brooks. Jordan, who had taken a break from performing as well, says opening night was amazing. They have a three-month contract at this location to see how it goes. I hear there was a fabulous interview with Jordan and Charlie in Atlanta’s David magazine.

Congrats go out also to Beverly Iman Johnson who recently won Miss Scorpio. Her RUs were Kysha L. Wellington and Emory Starr. Beverly and Kysha tied for Talent, Beverly won Creative Winter Fashion and Emory won On-Stage and Gown (a lovely one that she made herself, thank you). Many formers were on-hand, including Sasha Leigh Chambers, Dorae Saunders, Amber Rochelle, Elaine Davis, LuAnne Landreth, Luscious and the out-going LaWanda Jackson. Also, Brooklyn Dior was named an honorary Miss that night. Amber Rochelle went on a few weeks later to win the title of Miss Night Owls in Gastonia. She was crowned by Nita Samore. Amber’s RUs were Cheetah Shaw and Macy Alexander. Macy won Gown and Talent.

And speaking of Night Owls, the Miss Zodiac pageant is coming up. The reigning Miss, Brooke Divine, wanted me to mention all those who would compete at the final competition March 27-29 (in case I missed any): Aries, Cierra Nichole and RU Alexis Bouvier; Taurus, Charlotte Damone; Gemini, Orlando Chanel and RU Carmendy St. Claire; Cancer, Beverly Iman Johnson and RU Eden Parque Divine; Leo, Mo’Nique Chanel; Virgo, Aqua St. Mark and RU Malyia Chanel; Libra, Emory Starr; Scorpio, Venus DeMilo; Sagittarius, London Dior and RU Mya Moore; Capricorn, Cherish Sinclair; Aquarius, Niesha Iman St. James and RU Katrina Nicks. My apologies to Brooke for failing to mention two other contests that she has won in the past — Miss Augusta II and Miss Argos Sweetheart. She’ll be giving both up within the next few months.

Look for juicy tidbits the next time like the results from national prelims and Miss Unlimited, plus news about Mr. Pride Charlotte for Male Impersonators and Miss Pride Charlotte prelims! Also, the U.S.ofA. prelims taking place in Asheville at Scandals, featuring among others, Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Kara Young Ross, Miss Classic U.S.ofA. Shae Shae LaReese, Miss U.S.ofA. at Large Tajma Hall and Miss TX U.S.ofA. Leyla Edwards O’Hara.

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