Gather ‘round, gals and gyrls —

it’s that time once more to chat about accomplishments in impersonator and male lead contests! I’m your Hostess with the Mostest, Miss Della, welcoming you back with open arms, as usual!

We’ll start this time with local contests, and finish up with national-level ‘stuff.’ That’s a change, huh? Our Miss NC America, Detra Panucci, is keeping the roads hot, traveling this gorgeous state of ours to prelims like Miss Capital City at CC Now in Raleigh, where Michelle Michaels won the title. Paris Nichole Brooks was her first alternate. I hear Paris turned both Talent categories O-U-T! I failed to mentioned weeks ago that Gabrielle Brooks had won Miss Fayetteville — please forgive the oversight, sis. The new Miss Diva America (held by Macy Alexander and her partner Jason) is Angela Lopez with her RU Robin Cassadine. Detra will be giving up her title at the Scorpio before you can name all her predecessors. Hats off to the ole gal on working it out.

Miss All-American City Unlimited was recently held in Fayetteville, with Raven Wood and Paisley Parque in ‘da house, representing! Paisley is about to celebrate her 20th year in this show business. I just saw a new pic she took and girlfriend was painted for the concession stand. Anyway, a queen answering to the name of Miss Noel won and her RUs were Orlando Chanel and Lucy Furr.

They just had Miss NC Newcomer U.S.ofA. in Hickory at Club Cabaret. The kids tell me the winner, Latavia St. James from Atlanta, had turned the place inside out. Her RU was Malayia Chanel Iman from the Triad area. The next night, Malayia was in Kasey King’s showcase at Scorpio with Onterio St. James and Tajma Hall, who was in town to judge said contest. There was another new child in the show whose name I never got; if it is supplied, you’ll see it here next ‘go round.

Imagine the fun a bunch of us had when we took Tajma the next day to an early birthday celebration (hers is the end of July) at Bistro LaBon on Central Ave. Tajma and I were joined by friends Carmen, Drew and Stephen, then in walks Brooke Divine LaReese, Brandonna Dupree and Brooklyn Dior. Needless to say, we ate ‘em out of house and home and closed the building down. Tajma worked that night with Starla DaVinci (who really moved me with her “Car Wash” number), Jessica Raynes Starr and that crazy Elaine Natasha Davis. Now, if I could just get the tea about that big contest Elaine won not too long ago, I’d feel complete.

Wrapping up the local stuff, I hear Victoria “Piggy” Parker is really packin’ ‘em in Tuesday nights for her Porkchop’s

Drag Race there at Legends. Do I feel a road trip coming on? Could be!

On the national level, we have several queens who have qualified for spots at Miss Gay America this fall, taking place in Columbus, OH, like Miss PA Miraj Jolie, Miss FL Aleshia Coleman, Miss Ohio Diamond Hunter and Miss Missouri Nikki Stevens. (Not the one you’re thinking about, ok?)

On the U.S.ofA. at Large scene, Tahjee Iman has already won Miss Indiana with RU Britney Taylor and former Miss Continental PLUS Mercedes recently won Miss Ohio with RU Paige Passion.

Out in Texas, one of the greatest states in the Union for drag pageantry, we have new Texas FFI titleholders. Former Miss U.S.ofA. Asia O’Hara just won and her RUs were Akeria Koture Davenport. Armani Nicole Davenport won the At-Large crown. Her RUs were Sasha Lauren and Amber Stevens. Prisilla Edwards won Most Beautiful.

As you know, Miss Continental is just weeks away. Kym Moore, originally from Puerto Rico, has just won Miss Windy City held at the Baton. Could she be the wrench this Labor Day Monday? I hear Lorna Vando is going back, too. Add to that mix the Swiss Miss Mokha Montrese (Charlie Brown’s old moniker for her) and Chevelle Brooks and you’ve got yourself a pageant to check out, baby! Pack ya bags, let’s go!

Just think, the next time we meet here, we’ll have a new national Entertainer of the Year.

Before I close, I want to make sure to mention the International Inc. pageants recently held: for the Plus, a gorgeous Sandra Lopez won and her RUs were Armani Nicole Davenport, P. Jasmine Darnell and Savannah Santiago. As for the Mr. and Miss contests, we have 4th place Maestro Couture and Jada B. Douglas; 3rd Eric Snow and Amaya Andrews; 2nd D’Neiko Dickerson Diamond and Monica Ova King; and finally, the winners, Eric Rainbow and Sy’ria Sinclaire.

In closing, I refer you to the fundraiser web page that I mentioned the last time again. Since then, Donald O’Shields, owner of Scorpio, Chasers and a few pageants, too, became my largest single donor at the $2K level. Renee Rollins, Big Mama B and Kerri Nichols have donated, as well. To honor my commitment to my “sponsored son,” Jeff Reeves (the artist formerly known as Nancy Newton) has allowed me a Friday night show budget if I invite the gyrls to entertain and we’re off to a great start — Dana St. James, Jacqueline St. James and that crazy Summer Clearance from Asheville will be on hand as I (hopefully) complete this house fund. Mr. Reeves will also take to the stage that night as well. Nah, no drag. Come see for yourself, Friday, Sept. 24 at Club Cabaret.

This column is dedicated to the memory of Bianca Paige, Wichita Kansas’ Fritz Capone (Naomi Sims’ first runner-up at Miss Gay America that year), and the mother of Carolina Continental’s promoter, Alyson Thomas. : :

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