Richard Burr HB2
Sen. Richard Burr, photo via The Charlotte Observer, David T. Foster, III.

Republican Sen. Richard Burr said on Saturday that North Carolina lawmakers should take the U.S. Department of Justice deadline over HB2 seriously. They have been given until Monday to state that they will repeal or no longer enforce the discriminatory bill, which strips rights from the LGBT community.

“There’s over $1 billion in education dollars there so I hope the General Assembly will strongly consider what their next step is to understand the financial implications,” Burr said, adding that they should “absolutely” respond to the Department of Justice.

“When there’s a threat by the federal government over funding it’s something that the General Assembly needs to take seriously,” Burr said.

The U.S. Department of Justice warned North Carolina that HB2 violates Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination in education based on sex, and Title IV, which deals with employment discrimination.

House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters Thursday that the state would not meet the deadline, which he called “unreasonable.”

“We’re going to move at the speed we’re going to move at to see what our options are,” Moore said.

Burr made the comments before speaking at the state Republican convention, where he and Sen. Thom Tillis encouraged the party to unite behind presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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