Keep reaching for the stars to lasso in a catch and find ways to avoid being caught in the rejection cycle. Step up to the challenge and keep pushing forward. (Illustration Credit: Huza Studio via Adobe Stock)

To Trinity,
I’m an attractive, fun, well-off gay man. I think I’m a catch, but I can’t seem to get a catch. What’s wrong with me?
Yours, Catcher Without A Catch, Atlanta, GA

To Catcher Without A Catch,
The only two reasons you might have troubles are, a) you don’t try very hard or b) you get rejected and stop trying. Many of us fear rejection, which ruins our dating life. If someone rejects you, then you must train yourself to simply go on to the NEXT adventure! Rejection is just a concept in our head, it’s not real. How someone sees you is NOT who you really are. Honey, meeting new potential mates should be a fun exercise, not the final curtain. However, if rejection is not your problem, then ask friends if you smell or drool uncontrollably.
NEXT! Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
My father constantly says to me, “You’re not man enough. Act like a man. Be a man.” Trinity, what’s a man?
Thanks, Parent Trap, Seattle, WA

Dearest Parent Trap,
Courageousness, kindness and acting with diplomacy is what makes a man a man! Being real, honest and a good cook also helps. No matter what daddy says, if you have pride in yourself while confidently chasing after your dreams, then you’ll be the man we all look up to. Pumpkin, parents are not easy, especially when they want us to fulfill the insecurities they inherited from their parents. (Hey, take a peek at my cartoon for how I see it on the “manly man.”)
Kisses, Trinity

Dear Trinity,
My partner and I have a Boy Friday. He’s a great worker but extremely slow. And, we love him. How do we get him to move faster without losing him?
Yours, Boy Friday Troubles, Reno, NV

Dear Boy Friday Troubles,
Maybe something is slowing him down, like old appliances or the order in which his chores are laid out. If that’s not it, give him a salary instead of hourly. Thus, if he gets sixty bucks for four hours, just offer him the sixty bucks whether he’s done early or not. If he knows that he can finish early with the same pay then he may work faster. Later on, you can slowly up his chores. And, if all else fails, sweetie, have a fresh brewed cup of strong java for the little turtle when he arrives, and shove it down his little, lazy throat.
Think coffee, Trinity

Hi there Miss Trinity,
My New Year’s resolution is to start dating again. But going to bars or clubs is just not my scene. The drinking, smoking and noise makes it too difficult to meet anyone worth dating. Any suggestions?
Bar-fly No More, Buffalo, NY

Hi there Bar-fly No More,
Let’s see now, I know somewhere under my bed I have a list of places to meet potential dates, ah yes, darling, here is:

Trinity’s Creative Tips For Capturing A Date

1. Go to the beach and stay a while. (No big hats!)
2. Hang out in cafes or coffee shops. (No more than two cups of coffee at one time!)
3. Throw a party or get invited to one and talk to EVERYONE! (No getting drunk!)
4. Join a gym — or finally go to the one you joined last year! (No high sox, white sox or bright yellow tank tops!)
5. Join one of the infinite app chat rooms. (Beware of false information.)
6. Join a dating service like or a Meetup group. They are interesting and fun. (Don’t let the questions scare you.)
7. Join a sports team. (And don’t get hurt.)
8. Ask friends and relatives to set you up on some dates. (No dating cousins, even if he’s cute!)
9. Go to fundraisers or benefits. Guaranteed to work! (Don’t let the pretension scare you.)
10. Lastly, hit some religious services! There are plenty of dates there! (Don’t let the fanatics scare you!)

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