Dear Trinity,
I’m a 30-year old model. However, after hundreds of gigs, over the last 10 years, I recently experienced my first real rejection. It’s awful! I’m trained in many things but not for such rejection. Help?
Sincerely, Millennial Woes, Boston, MA

Dear Millennial Woes,
If one act of rejection is kicking your butt, then it’s time you begin embracing the real truth about rejection, about acceptance and about self-esteem. Fact: these three feelings are completely related to each other. Fact: humans simply have “types” which truly has nothing to do with you, ever. Rejection and acceptance are all about the person buying the art and nothing to do with the art itself. Beauty, or ugliness, is in the eye of the beholder. So, pumpkin, start accepting rejection and rejecting acceptance for its illusion while embracing both concepts as part of your higher self-understanding!
Hugs, Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
I go on many dates and often meet great guys, but I can’t seem to keep a boyfriend. Should I stop trying and become a monk?
Yours, Manhunter or Monk,
Kansas City, MO

Dearest M or M,
Remember, most men are boys in grownup bodies who would rather play with their remote control than deal with real life relationships. Life, my darling, is a daring adventure, or it is nothing. So keep hunting, keep searching and beware of catching anything that requires medication. (And, you can create a Wall of Flames just like my cartoon shows to illustrate that you’ve had a good time in this life, despite what you may be thinking at times. Remember the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”)

Hello Trinity,
I took your advice about power-dating; dating many guys at once. But when is it time to date just one guy?
The More The Merrier, St. Louis, MO

Hello Merrier,
I’ve always said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It may leave you nothing and no one to cook breakfast for. Yes, dating more than one guy or power-dating is work, but eventually you must take that leap into one man’s arms with full extension, I mean attention! The time to say, “I do” or “It’s just you” will arrive when it just simply arrives, not sooner or later, and not at any specific time. So, honey, be patient, and don’t forget to enjoy the dating train until then!
Good luck, Trinity

Hey Trinity,
I’ve always thought of you as an upbeat, New Age gal. I could use some help on staying happy and on top of life, especially during this stay home, isolation time.
Thanks, Isolation Blues, Dallas, TX

Hey Isolation Blues,
In the summer of 1987 the Harmonic Convergence came to light, and so did I. Dr. Bernie Siegel, Louise Hay and Leo Buscaglia all agreed that to stay happy and on top of life, we must keep reaffirming our positive thoughts. That’s why, sweetie, I created my own morning affirmations and you must too. Here’s:

Trinity’s First 10 Morning Affirmations
1. I may be bored and a bit out of shape, but damnit, girl, you’ve got a huge credit limit!
2. Honey, you’re not in jail, in the hospital or in the gutter, so celebrate life, daily!
3. So, I’m middle age and single, but I can cook, clean, do laundry and I’m really good with my hands!
4. I, put you (myself) through years of college, a singing and writing career, a ministry and you traveled the world. Now… love yourself!
5. I may not be famous, but not every girl has a syndicated cartoon character of herself!
6. I may not be rich, but I’ve got class and charm down to a science!
7. Yes, every man I ever met was on anti-depressants, but at least they were all attractive!
8. The rent’s paid, the car works and you still turn heads on Zoom video meetups, so no complaining!
9. Forget about the wrinkles and love handles! God made plastic surgeons and insurance claims for a reason!
10. You’re gorgeous, talented, healthy and one hell of lover. So, chin up and go walk the dog! : :

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