Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Jubilant Hanukkah celebrations, to you. Yes, it’s that time of year when all the world’s focus turns to the merry winter holiday season.

qnotes has teamed up with White Rabbit to provide you with an assortment of affordable and unique gift giving ideas from their Charlotte store (920 Central Ave.) and from around the web. The gift list ideas range from the geeky to the cool and rom the kid to the grown and sexy man.

Items available at White Rabbit are marked with a “WR.”

But, don’t take our suggestions as the end-all, be-all. Use them as inspiration to get your holiday gift list ideas flowing!

For kids and teens :: You might not have kids of your own, but most of us inevitably find ourselves shopping for children at some point in the holidays. Whether it’s a niece, nephew or cousin, you can find just the right gift for that little someone. Does the tike still love their fluffy buddies? How about a teddy bear in their favorite color (WR: $4.99 each)? Can’t pick just one color? Get them a rainbow beanie teddy (WR: $6.99 each).

Does your little one like music? Maybe they like frogs? A two-in-one: Get them this colorful musical frog! Let them ribbit and croak all day long (WR: $10 and up).

You remember those slap bracelets from back in the day, right? Lots of schools banned them, but they are back with a twist. One of the most popular gifts this year has been the SlapWatch. The teen on your gift list will love one of these trendy, colorful accessories (WR: $21.99 and up).

Power up :: One of the side effects of accumulating different types of electronic devices is ending up with separate chargers for each device. Keeping track of all these chargers can be difficult both at home and on the road. A helpful gift for any gadget lover is a mobile power pack that’s compatible with many different types of devices. For example, the Rayovac rechargeable power pack has micro USB, mini USB and Apple device plug-ins that cover most recharging needs (Prices vary store-to-store, available at Walmart and other retail outlets). Or if you know the recipient has a bunch of battery-operated devices, consider giving him a battery charger and rechargeable batteries.

Get in tune :: Mobile devices have changed the way we listen to music and you’re sure to have someone on your list who can’t go anywhere without their iPod. Consider a gift card to iTunes or Amazon’s digital music store or a portable device with speakers that will connect to their digital music player.

Keeping it simple :: Sometimes a simple “hello” and “how are you?” is all that’s needed during the holiday season. If you’re on an especially tight budget this year (the economy obviously hasn’t gotten that “get well soon” card we all sent it a while ago), then consider sending simple messages of love and cheer with holiday cards to your loved ones (WR: Starting at $11.50 for packs of 10).

Active devices :: Now more than ever, digital devices are small and durable enough take with you just about anywhere, even on a run or a bike ride. If the person you’re buying for leads an active lifestyle, consider the many different types of bands, clips and mounts available that will allow your recipient to easily bring her phone or music player with her on her workout. For active children, the Light Strike laser tag game offers digital action for an affordable price and is an especially attractive option if you’re buying for siblings who like to play (About $40, available in a variety of retail outlets).

For the movie buff :: Shopping for someone who loves TV and film? Most movie-minded folks are well-aware of the blockbusters. Some are even bored by the usual Hollywood mess. Why not hunt down a unique, indie film. Some of the best movies come with small budgets (WR: $7.99 and up).

If you’re not quite sure what movie to give them, considering gifting a year-long subscription to a digital streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu Plus, which will provide access to more films and shows than you could ever imagine. This can be a great gift for families too, as they’ll all be able to enjoy what this type of service has to offer. If you purchase something like this, you may also want to throw in an HDMI cable that will allow your recipient to connect the family computer to their TV, if they don’t already have one.

Hey sexy! :: Want to make your man feel all hot? White Rabbit has a wide assortment of unique underwear from a variety of popular brands including Ginch Gonch, 2(x)ist, Andrew christian, Papi, Junk and more (WR: $15 and up). : :

— Compiled by qnotes staff with contributions from ARAContent