Queen City Sisters (from left to right): Sister Porno, Sister Honey D’Bears, Sister Anita Cumbath, Sister Ishy Amann, Sister Ruby Flow and Front is Sister Grace O’Gawd Photo Credit: Sister Evelyn Tension from Greenville Sisters, The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto

There’s a new sisterhood in town. They are a bit outside the drag norm — if there is such a thing. They paint their faces white and dress as “queer nuns. “ Some of the Sisters are a bit naughty and others are somewhat “holier than thou” or was it “hornier than thou?” I forget. But one thing is clear. All of them have hearts of gold and believe in giving back to their local community.

Welcome the Queen City Sisters, Abbey of Charlotte Von Mecklenburg. Yes, those are my new sisters. [Snaps]

That’s right. The Queen City now has an aspirant house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. These Sisters bring beauty and joy to their communities and a love for absurdity. Born from the mid 1970s, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence first appeared in San Francisco, Calif. on Easter Sunday in 1979. According to the website, the Sisterhood devotes itself “to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.”

Sister Cumunion. Photo Credit: Tommy Feldman, TyvolaDesign.com
Sister Cumunion.
Photo Credit: Tommy Feldman, TyvolaDesign.com

I am proud to be among the eight founding Queen City Sisters. I personally chose the name Sister Cumunion as my sister name. Sister Cumunion shares blessings of love with all — and encourages everyone to get on their knees and confess regularly. My Catechism school teacher would be proud. Hail Mary! Can I get an “A-men?!”

My other devout Sisters include Sister Honey D’Bears, Sister Anita Cumbath, Sister Grace O’Gawd, Sister Ruby Flow, Sister Nova Kane, Sister Bearbie Doll, Sister Porno and Sister Ishy Amann. Plus we have our one lone Guard Dion the Royals. I am sure you will find our Sisters very accommodating as Southern ladies. The Nuns of this house do not reject anyone and welcome all people!

You may have seen the Queen City Sisters out and about already. For six months now, the sisterhood has been meeting in local bars and homes going through the official process to become an official mission house with the United Nuns Privy Council. The sisters have also manifested (dressed up as sisters in full white face) and appeared at Charlotte Pride and the Parade. You can also find them at the Woodshed Lounge on an occasional Saturday or recently at Stonewall Kickball supporting the sports community.

On Nov. 21 the Queen City Sisters will find out if they will become an official mission house on its way to become fully professed in the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence Sistory.  According to Sister Honey D’Bears the newly elected Queen City Sisters president, you will likely see more Nuns everywhere. Her hope is that “once we become a mission house to hold recruitment parties, meet and greets, and to have conversations with those interested in spreading joy and love.“

“I hope that we can bring about change in our local communities through understanding and acceptance. More acceptance of the LGBTQ community, more light to the inequality that still occurs according to a person’s race, religion, and who they love,” said Sister Honey D’Bears.

And if you’re wondering, is this a real thing. Indeed it is. There are over 2,000 sisters worldwide. And with the addition of the Queen City Sisters, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence seems to be spreading rapidly across the Carolinas. The Smoking Cardinal Sisters is the oldest house in the Raleigh, N.C. area starting in 2012. There is also the Bear City Sisters in Asheville, N.C. and The Greenville Sisters, Abbey of the Grand Palmetto mission house in Greenville, S.C.

“Once we become a full house, I hope that we will spread the word to more surrounding areas, allowing the ‘novices’ to join and assist their community using wit and humor,” said one of the founding members, Sister Ishy Amann. “It doesn’t have to be just the LGBTQ community, but open to anyone who values our mission and sees our methods as a way to raise awareness and monies for a good cause.”

What’s the future you ask?  It will likely be unpredictable, full of queer nunsense literally — and as my Sisters would say “lots of flair, activism and rubber sex toys.”

We are here. We are Queer Nuns. Get used to it.

More information about the Queen City Sisters, along with their upcoming charity work, recruitment events and pics, can be found online at CharlotteSisters.org.

DRAG TIP: Use baby powder to help evenly set white foundation when doing an entirely white face.

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