Over the last few weeks, we have been contacted by numerous parties representing the Democratic presidential contenders. They want to know if Q-Notes is making an endorsement for the upcoming N.C. primary, slated for May 6, and, if so, whether we are supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama.

We’ve basically stalled them, waiting for the editorial staff to reach a consensus decision. However, after several meetings, the thing we’ve most come to realize is how remarkably tepid our support is for either candidate.

We’re troubled by Sen. Clinton’s scorched earth approach to campaigning, where every weapon that gives an advantage is wielded, even if it could result in long-term divisions within the progressive base or weaken the Democratic Party in the general election. With the fate of the country hanging in the balance, this is not the time for a race to the bottom.

As for Sen. Obama, the less said about LGBT issues the better. No matter how he or his reps defend, deny or explain it, the Donnie McClurkin fiasco was arguably the single greatest miscalculation in the entire primary. And that’s at best, because at worst it was the most egregious example of political expediency seen in the entire primary. Either way, it stung like hell.

So, what are we saying exactly? Pick ’em! Vote your conscience and good luck to whomever wins.
However, once this political sideshow is over and the Democratic nominee is declared, get out there and work your rear end off for him or her. America cannot take another Republican administration — and, frankly, neither can we.

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