When I was young, a cartoon ran on Saturday mornings called the “Superfriends”. The twin super heroes would shout: “Wonder twin powers: Activate!” Their powers would then take different forms as they set out to claim victory. Imagine calling forth power and allowing it to travel in different forms on your path to victory. While superheroes may seem an element of fantasy, the ability to activate power lies in all of us. As we celebrate pride this month, we have an opportunity to tap into the power of love and freedom within us, and find ways to affirm and  awaken the same in others. Pride gives us the power to believe for those who don’t, and to live free for those who can’t.

God has planted an arsenal of abilities within each of us that enables us to see and live the life we dream about. As children, we see glimpses of this power and make people smile as it manifests. As we approach adulthood, our power grows when we face challenges or when we observe the power and greatness of others. As children of the kingdom of God , we must see our potential for power and walk therein. As LGBTTQIA citizens, we must stand strong and authentic because our lives  depends on it. Pride is not just a banner or parade; it’s a mindset. We hail from transformative power voices like Bayard Rustin, Pauli Murray, Marsha Johnson, Harvey Milk, Audre Lorde and others, who gave our song of pride its lyrics. There is tremendous power in our individual melodies.

I’ve always marveled at nature, at how grass grows in abundance, how flowers bloom without incident and how the elements command the universe. I’m even more amazed at how God’s creatures navigate the earth, never concerned about fate or famine, seemingly sure that they are worth being cared for. The power of pride keeps hope for the future.

There are times when I look in my daughter’s eyes and see the spirit of the sparrow, where she knows that her loving mom will ensure that her needs are met. She has seen me in action long and well enough to trust that instinct.  We must become like children and sparrows, where we believe that God will provide and work things out for our good. 

Take a moment during your day to watch a child run happily about, or to observe a bird flutter through the tree branches. That is the posture that we must embrace as “abundant life chasers”, where we trust the God that knows all about us to take care of us. Yea 

The wonderful thing about the free spirit of a child or the instinct of a sparrow is that the intimacy built in Ii relationship to the caregiver sustains them as life passes from day to day. God is bonded to you iand cares about your well-being and success.

In the center of these statements is another powerful message: You are. You are powerful and magnificent. Everything you need to be successful is within you, planted there when God made the executive decision to bring you into the earth realm. You have so much power in you that you may have to seek God for ways to manage it. The most beautiful thing about your power is that it’s tailor made just for you, and powerdoesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Make a list of all of the things you love to do, and another list of all of the things that you wish to do. Take a deep breath, stand tall, and declare that you have the power to achieve it all.You are a super power, not because of our humanity, but because of the divine power that God has placed within you. It is our divine light that activates the power we posess.

Reconsider your purpose this month. How can you use your Pride power to free someone else? Have you decided what your pride power is?