With Pride month just behind us and several Carolinas Pride festivals yet to come, Q-Notes took a trip down to our local White Rabbit store to see if we could find any rainbowishly delightful items for our LGBT pet lovers. To our surprise, we found a few neat items made just for those with a special place in their hearts for the warm and fuzzy creatures we call family.

Decorate your dog with a stylish bandana. Pick any color ($1.99) or, if you can’t choose, get a rainbow bandana ($2.99).

Rainbow cat and dog stickers. Use them on your car, a favorite notebook or diary or any stickable place you can find. ($1-$1.50)

Rainbow dog leash ($8.99) and collars. (various sizes, $6.50-$7.99)

Magnets. Put them on your refrigerator, a filing cabinet at the office. ($3.99)

Birthday cards for that special dog lover in your life. ($2.95)

It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays. These December Diamonds ornaments make perfect gifts for those who love pets. ($9.99)