Greetings and salutations, folks! You know the drill — we’re talking about wins and successes in pageantry here. Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous fall weather! It’s time to shave and put on a wig and some heels. Good evening!

I’d like to pick up where I left off the last time and mention a few things I did not about what a great pageant Miss Continental was. Alyson Thomas, the promoter of the Carolinas Continental contests, ended up winning Best Prelim of the Year. I feel like a dummy for leaving that out, seeing as how I have judged it every year minus one. I kinda feel like I won a little bit of that plaque. Ha! Congrats, Miss Alyson! I also forgot to mention how gorgeous that damned Dana Douglas was, too. Just as fierce, if not more so, than when she won. Just breathtaking, still. The winner that evening, Mokha Montrese, and I have had some lovely phone chats. I do adore her. It’s gonna be a good year! She gives up the title of Miss National (which she took on months ago) in Dothan, AL later this year.

The picture this time is of Brooke Divine LaReese, our local girl whom I mentioned in the last Rag. She won Miss World National down in Atlanta and has since gone to take a walk at the Black Continental pageant (Coco LaBelle Thomas won the Miss, Alphonse DuPree won the Mr. and Ean Starr won the Mr. Plus) and Miss Gay America. More on that momentarily.

Also, in the last Rag, when I mentioned the Unlimited wins up in Hickory, I forgot to bring up how much I enjoy Arabia Knight-Addams’ texts every day, which she calls the public service announcements. Tell her to put you on ‘the list’ and you can get these daily tidbits of wisdom, often faith-inspired, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ve saved some from as far back as early summer. They make a lot of sense and are very encouraging.

Many of you know Miss Gay U.S.ofA. at Large was recently held in Tampa, FL and we have a new queen! All hail, Lady Tahjee Iman! What a sweet queen — another good year ahead, I think, for another system. Tahjee’s runners-up included: Angelica Sanchez, Mercedes, Victoria “Porkchop” Parker and Jocelyn Summers, followed by Sasha Lauren, Natasha Cass, Chanel LaMasters, Kewesi Alexandria St. James, Latrice Royale, Delorian Chase and Terri D’More. Hats off to Vegas’ April Reign who relinquished her title that night; I was proud to be a part of the panel that crowned her in Indy last year.

I’ve just gotten in from the first booking of Coti Collins as the newest Miss Gay America; she was at Scorpio three nights after the magic took place in Columbus, OH. Coti is the 7th Miss America to come from NC. She tells me she couldn’t have done it without her team and, especially, our Kirby Kolby who painted the ole gal and whipped her hair into perfection each night. Coti, I never thought I’d see the day, especially after I saw you cheated that night sitting in that audience in Memphis, TN all those years ago. That was the last time I went, too. Anyway, Coti’s runners-up were Jessica Jade, Chantel Reshae, Sally Sparkles and Tajma Stetson, followed by Sasha Leigh Chambers, Onyx Revlon, Zhane’ Kennedy, Sue Nami and Tatiyana Voche’.

Just wanted to thank all the ladies and the two guys who took part in the benefit up in Hickory at Club Cabaret for my Gerardo’s House fund. With tips contributed by three entertainers, we raised $488., four-fifths of that going to my sponsored kid’s education fund for next January since his home is already paid for. Hats off and kudos go to Jacqueline St. James, Dana St. James, Jeff Reeves, Emory Starr, Jessica Raynes Starr, Lola Lovelace, Envee Michaels, Vanity Michaels, Monica Jeffries (who is sweet as peaches and did a live duet with Miss Vivian), Jennifer Boleyn, who travelled all the way from Wilmington, and our hostess and emcee Jami Michaels. And, let’s not forget Tommy D.! I’m really sorry I did not get back to Hickory to see the return of Nancy Newton for the first-ever Catawba Valley Pride. I hear the ole gal made bank and liked it so much she’s considering popping back out for a Christmas show, maybe? Hmmmmmmmm.

Locally, we have results from contests like the Miss and Mr. Warehouse 29 in Greensboro, which LaWanda Jackson won with RU Cheetah V. Shaw, and for the guys, Taylor Knight-Addams won and his RU was Gemini Walker. For the Pride Charlotte pageants, we have Cierra Nichole as our new Miss, with RU Aiesha Paris; for the kings, we have Jayden Jameson with RU Country Casanova and for the Mr., Taylor Knight-Addams (again!) with RU Trey Love King. To round things off, we have a new Miss Hide-A-Way by the name of Jessica Raynes Starr; her RU was Cassandra Hilton.

In closing, I’ll tell you about a great time I had at Crave Dessert Bar in downtown when Buff Faye did her show there recently. I went with friends Alex, Todd and Christopher and we were treated to the likes of Buff, Kiana Lane, Angela Lopez, Sierra Santana and Amber Rachelle St. James. Add some chocolate and a smoking hooka to that and it was an excellent time. And, Ms. Faye is such a good emcee. Loved the Monster number so close to the Gaga concert, girl! How creative! : :

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