Well, summer is rapidly coming to an end. The school year is almost here, summer vacations have come and gone and Christmas is only four months away. So, before you hunker down in front of your TV and watch football every weekend until next summer, get out in the sun (or your local roller derby venue) and check out these local happenings!


The Gay Softball World Series is taking place this year in Washington D.C., Aug. 27-31. This is the largest gathering of all the best LGBT softball teams in the country, competing in 5 divisions: Masters and A-D. To qualify for the Series, you must have either won your local league’s championship or runner up, depending upon the amount of teams that are in your league. To check out all outstanding events and competitions planned, check out their website at dcseries2013.com.

Team Anuvia, CSA Champs. Photo by Jessica King
Team Anuvia, CSA Champs. Photo by Jessica King


On Sunday, Aug. 4, the Carolina Softball Alliance completed their rain-soaked season with their end-of-the-year tournament. Six Charlotte teams, Carolina Pride, Yellow Jackets, Arlo’ Bait and Tackle, Team 3, Team Anuvia and the Pounders, endured the oppressive heat and humidity to vie for the league’s 9th championship.

The Pounders, led by coach Lauren Bendig, took on Wes Caulder’s Team 3 in the opening game. Like all the games that day, it was very close and low scoring throughout. Team 3 was able to take control with a 5th inning rally that put them ahead by three, but they were unable to hold on to that lead in the bottom of the 6th inning when Jason Ray of the Pounders scored on a two-out single by Shawn Carlton, tying the game. In the final at bat for Team 3, they were able to steal the win with an infield single by Chris Gaulden, scoring a player from 3rd.

That game set the tone for the rest of the day. Pride vs. Anuvia followed and was just as entertaining. Anuvia, the 6th seed, struggled all season finding the right lineup, but when they did, they gave Pride, the 2nd seed, all that they could handle and then some. Led by George Smith and Daniel Beam, who both went 3-4, Anuvia was able to just outhit the slugger-heavy Carolina Pride in a real defensive battle and advance to the finals with a 5-4 win.

Next, Team 3 took on the number 1 seed, Arlo’s B&T, coached by Mark Herring, for the right to advance to the final. Superb defense was played by both teams, highlighted by stellar plays made in the outfield by Team 3’s Kristen Knox and Arlo’s Shane Solberger. The game down to Team 3’s last at bat, with two outs and a runner on second in a 3-1 game. But, this time Team 3’s luck had run out and Arlo’s B&T advanced.

The final shaped up as a huge mismatch on paper. Anuvia had finished the season with the league’s worst record, 2-6, and were facing the regular season champs, who went 6-2. But, you don’t play the games on paper. Anuvia came out hot and put up 4 and 5 runs up on the board in the first two innings and gave the crowd the offensive outburst they had been waiting to see all day. From there, they cruised to easy victory 13-3. It was an exciting day of softball at Revolution Park and there will be more to come when they start their fall league in mid-September. For information on the league, check out their website at carolinasoftball.org.

Reverse Twerks from Atlanta. Ktown Klassic C division champs. Photo by Bryan Anderson
Reverse Twerks from Atlanta. Ktown Klassic C division champs. Photo by Bryan Anderson.

Ktown Klassic

This regional softball tournament was held the last weekend in July in Knoxville, TN. It is one of the last tune-up events before teams embark for the World Series. It featured four divisions, Women’s competitive/recreational and Men’s C/D, with teams from all over the Southeast competing.

Here is a wrap up for how each division shook out:

C Division:
1st – Atlanta Reverse Twerks
2nd – Knoxville Cyclones C
3rd – Cincinnati Broadway Monkeys

D Division:
1st – Nashville Mean Streak
2nd – Knoxville Cyclones D
3rd – New Orleans Avita de Lis

Women’s Comp:
1st – Knoxville Fuzion

Women’s Rec:
1st – Philadelphia 369er’s Bar and Grille
2nd – Knoxville HERricanes

Next time we will have the results from the Softball World Series, updates on the continuing great seasons for the Charlotte Roller Girls and the Gastonia GForce Roller girls and the schedule for the Charlotte Royals Rugby team’s season. Enjoy your summer! : :