Last week, qnotes published endorsements for this year’s midterm elections from three Carolina LGBT political action committees. The founder of one, Replacements, Ltd. PAC‘s Bob Page, released an open letter today encouraging LGBTs and allies to vote next Tuesday.

He writes:

I am very concerned about the November 2, 2010 election. I continue to see, hear, and read news stories suggesting that many voters — in particular, many who voted enthusiastically in 2008 — do not plan to vote this fall. I simply cannot understand choosing not to vote.

Voter apathy is unacceptable.

Our system — “a government of the people, by the people, for the people” — requires every citizen’s vote. Voting is both a civil right and a civic duty. In my opinion, those who choose not to exercise their right to vote fail their community, their state, and their nation.

Low voter turnout provides an opportunity for those with narrow interests to have an outsized influence. Those who choose not to vote allow others to determine the society in which we, our children, and our grandchildren will live. Our shared future should be shaped by all of us — not some of us; history offers brutal lessons to societies that allow a few to choose for the many.

Please understand that officials elected in 2010 will:
– Face revenue and budgetary challenges of the utmost complexity;
– Make expenditures reflecting the priorities of the party in power;
– Decide issues impacting civil rights for minorities;
– Re-draw Congressional districts; and
– Confirm the next Supreme Court nominee.

By voting, you determine whether we elect a government of the people. I urge you to urge everyone you know to vote … and to lead by example.

Bob Page
Greensboro, North Carolina