Dear Trinity,
Do you really think natural foods or alternative medicines have any benefits? Isn’t all that just birdseed and seaweed?
Sincerely, Bird Health, Topeka, KS

Dear Bird Health,
While pharmaceuticals save lives, they also turn people into addicts, abusers, even corpses. Massage, acupuncture, urine therapy, hydrotherapy, cannabis therapy and chiropractic, as well as herbal and nutritional remedies have saved many lives for millennia. Before pharmaceuticals, people also lived long, healthy lives with what are now called “alternative medicines.” Don’t wait until it’s too late to find that many things heal, not just drugs. Pumpkin, be smart, be open minded and live a healthy life!
Hugs, Trinity

Hey Trinity,
The last guy I dated stopped dating me, saying, I didn’t use good hygiene and didn’t dress well. I’m not a “care about how I look” type of gay man. Shouldn’t I be liked for who I am, not how I look or dress?
Yours, Looks… Bah Humbug, Jacksonville, FL

Hey Looks… Bah Humbug,
Yes, you should be liked for who you are, but dating is like fishing. First you have to catch a fish with your shiny, attractive hook, then later you can pull out the hook and relax more. However, after that you still have to act like a modern man not a cave man. You see, honey, hygiene, charm and dressing well will allow your catch to want to stay hooked for a long time. (My cartoon shows you how I wow ‘em!)

Dearest Trinity,
For seven months I’ve been dating someone who is in the military and now has to go away. I may not see her for six months, and she may even be sent to another place after that. Should I wait for her?
Unhappily yours, Waiting or Walking,
Fort Wayne, IN

Dearest W.O.W.,
Question: Do you really have to make a decision today? Can’t you take it one day at a time, one email at a time and one deployment at a time? If you wait a while this could be an experience that transforms you, your ideas of relationships and your understanding of love! Remember, sweetie, ending a relationship is easy; keeping one can be exciting and fun!
Kisses, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
A while back you were asked, “How do I make myself stand out and get noticed?” You answered in one sentence. Now, I know you have more to say than that!
Sincerely, Looking For More,
Baton Rouge, LA

Hello Looking For More,
Well aren’t you just a whip-cracking newspaper editor. Darling, let’s see if these helps.

Trinity’s Alluring Tips For Standing Out (Especially In A Club)

1. LOOKING nice, smelling nice, acting nice and having nice breath promises you’ll get more than… someone without those qualities.
2. If you have a good shape, sell it — never hide it. If not, ACCENTUATE what you do have!
3. Don’t wait for someone to talk to you first. TALK to anyone you like, but don’t stalk anyone you like!
4. If you’re young, ACT mature but not too righteous. If you’re old, ACT open-minded but not immature. And always act like you’re having fun!
5. Before going out, do something that loosens you up like having a drink or meditating. You must put yourself “in the MOOD!”
6. TOO MUCH coffee makes one talk too fast. Too much liquor makes one talk too much. And too much eagerness makes everyone run away!
7. Charm, style, class and wit will ALWAYS make you stand out over someone with more looks or brains.
8. Wearing BLACK hides everything bad, always looks stylish, appears clean, rich and works everywhere. White is very risky.
9. I know you have a pimple or feel fat, but isn’t there something else you can talk about every time you START a conversation?
10. Lastly, teeth whitening, makeup, a modern wardrobe and hairstyle, even a little plastic surgery (gasp!) will really get you NOTICED.

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