Winston-Salem’s PFLAG chapter is partnering with a community organization and their Storyline Project. The project has times and slots open for interviews in the next couple of weeks.

From PFLAG Winston-Salem prez Thomas Farmer:

Hello everyone. I am sending this email to all of you to let you know that PFLAG is partnering with the ECHO Council’s Storyline Project. “StoryLine is a project of the ECHO Council, dedicated to building social capital and fostering trusting relationships in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. The mission of StoryLine is to use the power of stories to build community. It is inspired by StoryCorps, a national oral history project. The Storyline goal is simple. We want to illuminate the rich diversity of voices throughout our community and to celebrate our common humanity. We believe that listening carefully to the stories of others will help us see the similarities among us and appreciate the differences. As a result, we hope to create a culture of inclusion in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County in which residents throughout the community become more understanding, trusting and respectful of one another.”

Storyline wants to include the voices of LGBT people, our parents, our family members, our friends, and our allies. Everyone that I blind copied falls into one of those categories. It is our hope that you will choose to share your story to help further understanding, trust and respectful dialogue and celebrate our common humanity. PFLAG believes this is one of those rare moments that the gathered LGBT community can use as a “teachable moment” for our larger Winston-Salem community. There are already some dates established for recording stories on Saturday, February 13 and 27, and Sunday, February 21. We can also schedule other dates if needed. If you are interested in telling your story to help in this educational endeavor, please let me know as soon as possible. Also, be thinking of the person you would like to “interview you” as well. For more information, please visit their website at

You can reach Thomas Farmer via email at