So, how do you go about having a fun day trip with your family in the midst of a pandemic? Given the statewide mandated restrictions, including a ban on gatherings of 10 people or more and maintaining a distance of at least six feet between yourself and others, a number of places families frequent may not be an option until the threat of COVID-19 has been addressed.

The coronavirus has affected just about every aspect of life for millions of people around the globe. And with North Carolina’s statewide efforts to keep the spread of the coronavirus under control by implementing certain, necessary precautions, having a worthwhile family day trip may be a bit challenging.

It has been several months since the initial outbreak of the virus, and communities are starting to adapt to the new way of life. Although, with so much restriction on traveling and congregating, it can be quite frustrating as you consider how to maintain a sense of normalcy for you and your family while also being safe.

Based on a recent survey by the travel and tourism crowdsourcing website,, “people’s idea of travel has changed.” Sixty-nine participants submitted responses about their thoughts on travel amid the pandemic. These responses were then analyzed and broken down into statistics providing a snapshot of how people’s attitudes and behaviors regarding travel have changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“Over 46 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative that their idea of travel had changed,” said “Around 32 percent of respondents weren’t quite sure if their ideas had changed and over 52 percent of respondents answered that they still planned to travel around the same amount in the future.”

The section of the survey pertaining to the amount of travel showed a refocusing of how people travel, said 26.4 percent answered that they’ll travel close to home, 17.6 percent will focus on staycations, and 21.1 percent will travel less often, which could possibly mean longer more intentional vacations, the website added.

Some options that people may enjoy are suitable for following the guidelines of social distancing.

Various online travel websites say North Carolina is filled with different natural treasures with waterfalls being one of the most sought out. “North Carolina has long since been known for its lush, natural beauty with hiking trails that showcase some of the state’s most alluring waterfalls,” says. In a little over four hours, you can tour 15 different waterfalls, according to navigation estimates. For a map and detailed directions of the Waterfalls Tour, visit

In addition to a waterfall tour, there are also 10 destinations in North Carolina that have a reputation for being secluded and desolate. According to online reports these 10 locations are free from crowds and offer a peaceful and quiet experience: Cape Hatteras, Lake Glenville, Roan Mountain, Ocracoke Island, Croatan National Forest, Grandfather Trail, and Grandfather Mountain, Mingo Falls, Linville Gorge, Hammocks Beach, State Park, and Carova. With the objective right now being to avoid contact with a lot of people, these 10 locations might provide some excursion options for you and yours that are both fun and exciting as well as safe.