Oh, boys and girls, Spring has sprung! And, we’ve got pageants springing up everywhere, too. Let’s start off with some tea about contests that have already taken place, then we’ll sign off with some exciting stuff coming up. Deal?

Of course, where better to start than with national contests? And, Miss Continental PLUS and Elite have just taken place this week. A big congrats go out to Coco Van Cartier and Michelle Fighter on a great year. PLUS finals took place first and I hear there were a lot of first-time girls that went and heard their names called on that special night. Finalists included Shavonna Brooks, Amelia Black, Brianna Nicole Cartier, India DeMore, Ginger Ming, Brittany Taylor, Tajay St. James, along with Top 5 girls Evelyn Forest, Trixxie DeLuxe and 2nd runner-up Ivy White, 1st RU Cheyenne Valentino and winner, the gorgeous make-up master, Roxxy Andrews (daughter of Miss Erica, in case you didn’t know). I think Roxxy will be a fierce Miss PLUS, but I hear Cheyenne really gave her a run for her money. By the way, please forgive any misspellings as I do not know some of these girls. Realizing it is my job to get the corrections, I’m happy to note them in the next Rag if provided by a reliable source. But hell, it’s time to go to press, and I’m pecking away!

The following night, finalists for Miss Elite included Bridgette Galore, Lady Simone, September Murphy (who I understand had gorgeous back-up dancers — Ha!), our own Miss Carolina Macy Alexander, Lady Cynthia, Iroc Octavia Goodness and Top 5 girls Dina Jacobs, Ashley Kruiz, 2nd RU Daesha Richards, 1st RU Tiffany MacCray, and the winner, former Miss EOY and Miss FL F.I., Electra, who got her start right here in the Queen City as Carman Ghia when she was a grad student at UNCC. (She went on to take the name Electra St. Jill and moved to NYC and became legendary). I believe she has family close by still. Who out there remembers the times she performed at Mythos back in the day, when Jim and Andy were ruling the roost? Electra will be a phenomenal titleholder for Continental — she’s quite the business person and a creative-as-hell talent. ‘Nuff said?

Speaking of Mythos, I often run into a former showgirl from there and Scorpio, former Miss Charlotte America Buffy DeMareau, who always compares notes with me about the impersonators of today and we do good bit of reminiscing about yesteryear as well. Glad to see the ole gal doing well and still keeping up with the tea!

By now, you know Coco Montrese has assumed the role of Miss Gay America and although I wouldn’t piss on her bosses if they were on fire in my parking lot, I am excited for this child of the great Mokha Montrese (who has recently assumed the title and responsibilities of Miss National). At Coco’s coronation in St. Louis, several of her MGA sisters were on hand, including Tasha Kohl! Yes, they got Miss Faulkner to get up in drag — what a miracle! Coco has already reigned over one preliminary, Miss Mid-America, which Tanisha Foxx won, with RU Annastacia Beaverhausen. Coco will be in Charlotte on May 21 to judge (and perform, I hope) at Miss NC All-American Goddess at the Closet in the Elizabeth neighborhood. Come out to see her join Candi Stratton, Tamalah Taylor and other special guests.

On the U.S.ofA. scene, there has been one prelim to take place in the At-Large arena, Miss Georgia, which Kewsei Alexandria St. James won with RU Alexandria Martin (Atlanta’s sweetheart). Prelim winners to Miss Gay U.S.ofA., which takes place at the end of next month, include Miss GA Dorae Saunders with RU Dominique Sanchez and Miss Missouri, Misty Meanor.

Remember the announcement I made months ago about Linwood Dean’s alter ego, Talyia Kohl, taking over the position of Miss Unlimited At Large? That queen has decided to go into retirement for both stage personas and is the queen no longer! Linwod tells me interested participants can contact Glen Moore at opproductions1@aol.com or Sam Hare at samogram@aol.com. Best of luck with your career and husband (and lovely home), Mr. Dean and Miss Kohl!

As for a hodepodge of things coming up, check out Miss NC EOY over at W-S’s Club Odyssey on May 30; hell, it’s worth the trip to go see the national titleholder, Bianca Nicole! Also, join Brooke Divine as she gives up her title of Miss NC U.S.ofA. at the same bar, April 15-18. Special guests LaWanda Jackson, Tajma Hall and Shae Shae LaReese, plus a bevy of former Misses NC U.S.ofA. will join her! Yeahhhhhh! A big congrats going out to Taylor Shanelle, my sister from way back, on winning Legends New Entertainer of the Year. Her RU was Paris Nichole Brooks. The new Miss Castle at Large in Greenville, SC is Kwesi A. St. James; her RUs were Malaysia K. Black and Cheetah V. Shaw.

The first Miss NC Unlimited at Large was recently held at Club Cabaret in Hickory. My big blonde sister from Greensboro Paisley Parque won. Her RU was Diamonique Lacoix. On that same night, Mr. NC Unlimited Classique was held. Levi Davidson won and his RU was Rocco DeMonico. Doing numbers that night were Jami Michaels, Colten Haze, Raven Wood, Country Casanova, Sebastian Armonte, Monica Jefferies and Victoria Victors.

In closing, I would ask that you say special prayers for two of our own who are dealing with different stages of lymphoma and need our support and good thoughts — Jennifer Warner and Layla LaRue. God be with them and their families and friends at this time, and I wish them speedy recoveries and healing! Amen! : :

info: Drop me a line, OK? TheTeaMissD@yahoo.com

This piece appeared in the April 17, 2010-April 30, 2010 print edition.