Well, damn, kids — here we are for another drag ‘killing’ and I’m up to my neck in notes about tea from all over. I’d like to start with a sort of correction from the last time. I’m surprised none of the students from UNCC didn’t call me out on it, but it was a test. In the last Rag when I mentioned that the new Miss Continental Elite, Electra, was in the graduate program out there before she moved to NYC, y’all were supposed to catch that! There was no grad program in theater out there! She left here and went to NYU to be in the theater grad program, dahling. One smart cookie she is and got the papers to prove it! Anyway…

For the past two or three Rags, I have failed to mention that my dear friend and former Miss Continental Michelle Dupree had won the Miss’d America contest (a Miss America spoof) at the end of January in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall. There were seven contestants, 1200 spectators and many formers returned. This pageant has only been going on 14 years, but it came back this year after a five-year hiatus. The contest was hosted by Carson Kressley. I’m told Michelle wore a lovely lavender, heavily-beaded gown, did a scat talent and, of course, turned Q & A completely out. She dedicated her performance that evening to her new son, Anthony, who is, at press time, 19 months old. Her runners-up were Dee LaMour and Vanessa Sterling. Way to go, sis!

And, speaking of Miss America, recent impersonators who have qualified to compete at Miss Gay America include Onyx Revlon who won Miss Md. with RU Chi Chi Ray Colby; Miss Gay DC — Coti Collins (our former Miss NC) with RU painted-for-the-parking-lot Kristina Kelly; and Miss Western States — a former NC resident Monica Mohr with RU China Collins. As you all may know, the reigning MGA, Coco Montrese, will be in town as this qnotes is coming out, I believe — at the Miss NC All-American Goddess pageant at the Closet on Fri., May 21 and at Scorpio for a Miss America royalty show at Scorpio that following Sunday night (May 23) where she’ll be joined by former MGA Luscious and the reigning Miss NC America, Detra Panucci.

On the U.S.ofA. scene, we have a couple of big names with plans of going to Miss Classic, including Victoria Lace who just won Miss North and Kofi who won Miss TX with RU Iroc Octavia Goodness. The following weekend, for the “original” Miss U.S.ofA., we’ll see ladies compete who have recently qualified, like Mendigan Iman Starr who won AK with RU Tionne Iman, Miss IL Kara Belle with RU Phoenix O’Hara, Miss Indiana Victoria LePaige (remember that name, kids!) and her RU Amaya Mann, Miss Mass. Thirsty Burlington and Miss PA Tiffany Richards. Oh! And, our new Miss North Carolina. Allow me…

I cannot tell you lovely readers how proud I was to sit on the panel in Winston-Salem at Club Odyssey that crowned Vivica Dupree as the winner. Not to slight her runners-up, or add them at the end, her 1st RU Orlando Chanel really brought it and put up a valiant fight complete with lovely gowns. And, 2nd RU was Tyra Couture, also of Asheville’s Hairspray, who made a quite a splash her first time out, complete with two hott dancers (where is my newest baby Dior?) and a laid mug. But, that Vivica! I just love it when a pageant is fair and a (basic) underdog comes in and slips away with the crown and prizes. Indulge me a moment as I explain my reasoning for the term ‘underdog.’ Vivica is a healthy girl, who could, if she so chose, compete in the At-Large system. She wore a gown that had few beads. She did a talent, albeit beautiful, all by herself. And I’m told she did the whole pageant all by herself. Well, it started off with a fantastic interview in which she disclosed her love for ‘fine foods.’ Tajma Hall and I cackled! Then her gown, which was custom-made by former Miss NC Versage, was elegant and clean and she was smart enough to have her hair done by nationally famous stylist Que of Atlanta. Then this American Indian queen presented a precious talent of a story-telling sign language that Cherokees use to interpret “Colors of the Wind” by Vanessa Williams from Disney’s ‘Pocahontas,’ of course. Impeccable lip-sync! And, that’s how the big girl won Miss NC U.S.ofA. — fair and square! All kinds of former Misses were in the house. Other judges included Jessica Jade, Malaysia Black and Ebbony Addams. Amaya was there to celebrate her 10th anniversary, Tiffany Bonet worked and emceed (and took a bunch of us to feast on seafood — thanks, sis!), Dana St. James turned the house out with her opening number costume and Cierra Nicole was on-hand, too. She’s also a promoter. Shae Shae LaReese flew in to entertain the kids and be with her new daughter, Brooke Divine LaReese, who was giving up the crown and served new fashions every night. Love you, mama! I’ve already mentioned my old junior high sister, Tajma Hall, who came in from Chicago to be with us. Boy, did we eat! And, LaWanda Jackson, a former Miss Scorpio and the current Miss U.S.ofA. Classic, was on hand since Stasha Sanchez was unable to be there. I saw so many old friends and even got the chance to meet a blast from the past, Hillary Matthews of Fayetteville. Brandonna Dupree, a promoter who saw both her girls deservingly make finals, even got to finish the emceeing and bring her partner in crime, Brooke, on to the stage to relinquish her title. Earlier in the evening, Sierra Leone was crowned the NC U.S.ofA. Newcomer Emeritus and she did a number as well. Let us not forget the Adam Lambert number Sabrina Love, new proprietor of Gastonia’s Night Owls, did, complete with a back-up band including a little Asian hottie named Lou! Shazam! Then to top it all off, Shae Shae went home to Cali and sent back DVDs to many of us that included pics from her two most recent trips to NC. Gorgeous!

In other pageant news, the Miss Greensboro Unlimited pageant was just held at W29 in Greensboro; there were five contestants and the winner was Cheetah V. Shaw (she won Talent and Evening Gown). Her 1st RU was Felicity Brylette who won Interview and 2nd RU was Tia Chanella who won Sportswear. Congrats are also going out to Vanessa Cottrell who recently won all categories at Greenville’s Great American Mining Company — Miss Dickinson Ave., a camp pageant started long ago at the legendary Paddock Club.

This deserves an entry all by itself — get your plane tickets in hand. Chevelle Brooks has just won Miss West Virginia Continental and it’s on! Y’all know pageant tickets go on sale every year in mid-July; no mystery there. ‘Nuff said? Pack a bag and let’s hit it!

A little closer to home, Cierra Nicole recently won Miss Scorpio Pride. She will be joined by Aiesha Paris who was crowned Miss Closet Pride. They recently had an Unlimited Classique weekend in Hickory at Club Cabaret — Jeffery Elle won the Mister title and Kitty Litter won the Miss. Her RUs included Debutante McCray and Stephanie Michaels! : :

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