My dear readers, we gather once more, as we have for 16 years now, to get updates on pageantry tea and such. It has been a busy time since the last one, for sure. I hope you all noticed or know that the last Rag was so blessed long that it appeared online only — and not in print. It covered the results of Miss NC America and such and I do hope you’ll go there to check it out at

Mokha Montrese,
National Entertainer of the Year.
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Since that last one, we’ve had a record-breaking Pride in Charlotte! There were two stages in Uptown featuring shows from different bars and I recall seeing performers like Miss Pride Charlotte London Dior, former Miss Central Carolina Tara Storm, former Miss NC Tiffany Storm, Mr. Unlimited USA and Pride Charlotte My’kel Knight-Addams, former Miss World Brooke Divine-Storm LaReese, along with visiting “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants Jiggly Caliente and Dida Ritz. I know Roxxy C. Moorecox was also working, along with Scott Weaver, BethAnn Phetamine and other entertainers from Snug Harbor. Speaking of “Drag Race” girls, I’m sorry I missed Latrice Royale who was in town the Wednesday night before, as I had judged the ole gal in a Continental PLUS prelim in the past. Man, that girl loves the glamour! I also missed an acquaintance of mine from Pulse in Orlando who had popped into town — Qween Amor. An old bitch has to work early, y’all! I can’t go out like I did when I was 26!

Not only was Uptown busy for Pride, but just a week or so later, we hosted the Democratic National Convention and there was even drag for that — a special show at Wet Willie’s, featuring our Miss NC U.S.ofA. Jamie Monroe, Roxxy C. Moorecox, BethAnn Phetamine and the make-up and hair diva to all, Big Shirli Stevenz, also an accomplished entertainer in her own right. I’m told our community’s delegate from NC, Janice Covington, was also a VIP guest that night.

Are you surprised I didn’t start with the news of the most recent Miss Continental pageant? Oh, but you knew it was coming, though. A big congrats and aloha are going out to the winner, Baton Show Lounge diva Sasha Colby, originally from Hawaii. Her runners-up included Fontasia L’Amour, Kourtney Van Wales, Miss Carolina Stasha Sanchez, Queen Bee Ho and Tiffany T. Hunter (who I’m told burned the building down in final night Gown). Other finalists included Barbara Herr, Jasmine International, Sasha Nolan, Savannah Leigh, Yessa Yoyovish and Mercedes Black. Since I do not know Sasha well at all, but have seen her break a sweat just doing a number at the Baton, I’m hoping she will have a wonderful year and will be half as “real” and sweet as her first runner-up. Fontasia is an excellent person, “old school” to the core, and known throughout the country for her abilities at the sewing machine and on-stage. She’s ‘good people’ as we say in the south,and if I had the chance to speak to her, I would tell her- — if it’s your dream, be at that first prelim to secure a spot to go back, sister! Never give up!

Still in a national frame of mind, let’s discuss recent prelims to Miss U.S.ofA. At Large since the national contest is quickly approaching. The gorgeous Desiree DeMornay has been everywhere, man, as the old country song goes — Wisconsin, which my sister Ivana Black won with RU Harmony Breeze; Ohio, Maria Garrison with RU Beth Amphetamine; Iowa, Crystal Belle with RU Ginger Snaps; Texas, Valerie Paris and RU Chanel LaMasters; Missouri, Mahajanay DeMornay with RU Victoria Von Dutch; NC, Malaysia Kenyatta Black and RU Michelle Michaels; and then most recently, a double crowning in the beautiful NC mountains at Scandals. Nina Fierra won Miss Blue Ridge and her RU was Eureka O’Hara and Tyra Couture won Southern States with RU Brittney O’Bryan.

On to Miss America business — Kirby Kolby is rapidly coming to an end of her reign as well as the 40th anniversary MGA. Since leaving Miss North Carolina, she has been to Miss Louisiana, which Dextaci won with RU Arilyn Roberts; Arkansas, Veronica Duval and RU Cloe Roberts; TN, Suzy Wong with RU Venus Knight; MidWest, Kofi and RU Monica Moore; Illinois, Dayonna Hilton with RU Diva DeParis; Texas, Kara Dion and alternate Alexia Crawford; Southeast, Jessica Deveraux and alternate Andrea “Chocolate” Carlisle; and the last one, Miss MidEast, which Emory Starr won and her RU was Bridget Nickles. Twenty-three prelims. Wow!

I wanted to mention the Mr. Scorpio and Miss Scorpio At Large contests which were recently held here in Charlotte. Former Miss Scorpio Elaine N. Davis coordinated the night and I was honored to judge. I think I liked the “male lead” contest more, because it was a fierce competition. Three big names known on the national level came in, along with a former Mr. Pride Charlotte. Monte St. James won and his runners-up were NeAundre Bonet, Jeffrion Dickerson Sanchez and Scooby Damone Knight-Addams. For the large- and-lovely ladies, we had Dorae Saunders taking the crown and her runners-up were Cheetah Vereon Shaw-Sinclair and Paisley Parque. I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time Alexus Sanchez of Greenville, SC, that night, and this sister completely took her gospel number and “tore it out the frame” for Talent. I was blown away by her in this category. And, speaking of bar titles, hats off to a gorgeous Noel Leon who recently won Miss South Beach at Mekka in Miami; her RU was Allison Sangria. Noel is quite the artiste and all boy. I had no idea. I need to get y’all a pic of her — you will gag! Jumping over to Cleveland, OH, Miss Addicted to Glamour At Large at Bounce Nightclub — the gorgeous, airbrushed Erica Martinez won and her RU was Adrianna Fuentes of KY. Just one more, I promise! Congrats are going out to Alondra Sanchez (another beautiful boy queen, I’m told) who just won Miss Zigfield’s in DC; her RU was Jessica Jade.

In closing, I want to extend my condolences to our new Miss NC America, Ariel Nicole Knight-Addams, on the recent passing of her dear, precious mother.

Next time, we’ll discuss results from different contests around the country, including the Ultimate Panache contests in Hawaii. Monte, our new Mr. Scorpio, is actually going to relinquish the Mr. title! Here’s hoping you get lei’d, babe! : :

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