The Sun enters Gemini and gives us a rush of positive thoughts. Will you keep them to yourself or spray them around town? Light up the night with some sparkling ideas.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) There is something especially charming and disarming about queer Bulls right now. As the Sun enters Gemini, you seem to know just what to do to build up your bank account and spread the wealth around. This can make you very popular in certain circles. Heck, with your current state of largess and generosity, it will make you popular in just about any circle. So be choosy.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Sun in your own sign makes you popular, charismatic and too good to be true. So don’t hang around the house and wait for someone to knock on your front door. This is an excellent time to spread your wings and soar to the top of the social list. Become an A+ instead of Brand X. But then again there is nothing as good as Brand XXX in some groups.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) You can find yourself contemplating your navel. Or maybe even someone else’s navel. Whatever you decide to focus on, try to make the world a better place by doing so. Sun in Gemini gives you a flight of fancy, a spark of intuition and a chance to reach out to the multitudes. This is not the time to engage in selfish pursuits. Give big and eventually get more.

LEO (07.24-08.23) Proud Lions enjoy being in the epicenter of the social swirl. Meet and greet with abandon. Not only are you friendlier than usual, you have an extra large dose of animal magnetism that attracts all charged particles equally. And, you are a pretty charged up particle yourself. What happens when the two collide? Lots of swirling dust, if you are lucky.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Even a mediocre idea or tired effort is greatly rewarded in your career. Queer Virgins may prefer to sit back and let others do the work while they grab all the credit. That would be a mistake that Sun in Gemini would correct. At least give the impression that you doing something. Those that deserve will get. Will you get what you deserve? Oh, dear.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Travel brings with it unanticipated rewards as Sun enters Gemini. Proud Libras should try and escape from the usual and travel far afield. The world delivers happy adventure, interesting and exotic folks and memories to burnish. If time and money are tight, loosen your strings closer to home with a new batch of pals who frantically seek neighborhood-based antics.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Sun in Gemini makes queer Scorps especially flirty and seductive. You ache for love and a meaningful connection and find it all over town. And, you know just what to say to get what and who you want. What a nice change of pace. So, do not hang on the rack waiting for a buyer. Jump off the shelf and take a chance. Seek and ye shall find before you are marked down.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Relationships can become stronger when Sun enters Gemini. Gay Archers are able to express themselves in a diplomatic and charming manner. And they are also more apt to listen carefully to partners’ concerns and react appropriately. Single Sadges can send out a line and hook a likely catch. How big a catch are you angling for? Pack the right bait. No, not worms!

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps can make great inroads into any new health, exercise or diet regime. Don’t be lazy. It is never too late to get into ship shape in time for cruise season. For those with a long “to do” list, begin to tackle your busy work and your time consuming projects so you will not be too busy to play the field all through the summer. When in doubt, delegate.

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) Sun in Gemini brings the rowdy party to you. As much as you try to lead a quiet life, you are drawn into the action. Not only can Aqueerians find innovative ways of having fun, they can also tap into their artistic well and create a masterpiece. Write, dance, paint or even act. You have a wellspring of creativity that needs to be released before it slowly leaks out and evaporates.

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Guppies can truly enjoy their home and their personal surroundings. Maybe it’s because you can easily make little changes around the house that have a great impact and makes it more comfortable and inviting. Enjoy your space with a special group of friends and certain family members. And, if you can get them to cook for you, all the better.

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Proud Rams think that they have all the answers. And, it may be the case that you are simply smarter than usual. Sun in Gemini begins to draw intelligent and strategic conclusions to some longstanding and vexing problems. For all we know, your outlandish and wild ideas have a basis in reality and a real possibility of coming true. Of course, the opposite is also true. Ahem.

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