The Sun enters sensual Taurus and not a moment too soon. It is time to take things in stride and slowly stop and smell the roses. Life become one long mellowfest. How long can you stand it?

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Proud Rams are tempted to spend spend spend. This is the time of year when you are more apt to splurge than purge. Your mind is focused on the bottom line and the term “discount” is not part of your personal vocabulary. And, why should it be, compadre? You are a priceless commodity that deserves only the very best. Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Although it may seem disconcerting to know all the answers before the question is asked, I know you will take your overwhelming superiority in stride. It is by far the best way to prove to the world that you are truly the one to know who is in the know. This time period bestows magnificence and stature upon you. But, avoid pigeons and pack the elevator shoes just in case.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Open up your closet door with a blast. Experience the liberation and just let it all hang out. Pink Twins feel in top form and are bursting with confidence. This is the best time of year to give back to the community and build up the deposit of good gay karma points for any future withdrawals. Later you may need overdraft protection.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) How easily can you get into trouble right now? Let’s find out. Comrades in arms are ready for all sorts of mischief and sociable gay Crabs cannot be held back (unless they want to and then that is another thing…). It is time to expand your social circles into globes and go around the world in the comfort of your own sphere. I just love global warming!

LEO (07.24-08.23) All your plotting and planning pays off. Proud Lions can master the art of corporate intrigue and climb yet another rung on the ladder. But, all work and no play makes you one mean pinstripped shark. Learn to achieve balance and harmony before you become broiled and served on a platter in the corporate dining room. Do you require ketchup?

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) This is an excellent time of year to travel and expand your horizons. The world is your oyster, so slurp it up. Scratch those itchy feet and satisfy that increasing wanderlust. Who will you discover in some remote part of the world? Better search every nook and cranny. If money and time are tight, let your fingers do the exploring on the internet.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Lusty Libras cannot control themselves. Sex becomes the be all and end all. Set your sights on the next conquest and go get ‘em. You are on a mission and that is your position. However, there may be a few pensive Libras who will use this time for introspection, personal contemplation and reaffirmation. Very few however.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) How secure is your relationship, proud Scorp? You will find out when the fates conspire to cast a light on every sordid corner of it. You have a choice to either strengthen your bonds or choose to seek new liaisons. No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you are appreciated for the type of prize that you are. Let’s hope it’s not the booby prize.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Work up a sweat and turn up the speed on your treadmill. Gay Archers take a peek of themselves in the mirror and become more involved in exercise and overall health regime. Good thing. It is never too early to prepare for swimsuit season. Better still, think naked beach season instead. And, be sure to pack the extra sunscreen.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) The A-list invitations never stop. Not only are you especially alluring now but you are remarkably creative as well, if you decide to take up an art form. Use this time to enjoy life any way you can. Gay Caps bask in the sociable heat with a bevy of willing party hounds. Take off your leash and run amok. Or, leave it on, if that is your thing.

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) Recharge your mental engines. Aqueerians are more than happy to lie around the house and relax. You have carefully crafted a comfortable universe and can now enjoy the results. But, don’t rest on your laurels as delightful as it is right now. Soon you will realize that you need an adoring audience to follow your every move. Or, maybe an audience of one will do?

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Guppies say what they think and feel an immediate benefit. You are naturally charismatic and now your words have extra impact. But, don’t waste this superb energy on just creating a hot stale wind. Make it a refreshing gale force that can clear the clouds and move mountains. There is a new force brewing. If not you, who? If not now, when? : :

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