Crystal Richardson, 30, is hard to forget. That’s especially so because she’s everywhere — community events, fundraisers, town hall meetings and more. It’s all part of her passion and job as Equality North Carolina’s Freedom Moral Summer organizer, a position created out of partnership with the NAACP and devoted to advocating for pro-equality issues. You might have seen Crystal around a lot, but we also wanted to give her the chance to introduce herself to a lot more folk. Take a gander at our casual Q&A below and get to know more about Crystal.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Danville, Va., but moved to Charlotte when I was five, so I consider this home.

You work for Equality NC now, but what kind of other work have you done?
I’ve done lots of things. I was a document review attorney. Prior to that I worked for a property management company.

How did you get the interest to do advocacy work?
I think it all started when I went to a Charlotte School of Law symposium about Amendment One and its impact in North Carolina. I was just so intrigued and that’s when I met Sarah Demarest and she introduced me to organizations like MeckPAC and the Human Rights Campaign. I started attending those meetings and got really involved. Also, I grew up always being in organizations where we do a lot of community services, so that foundation was in me already. I knew when I went to law school that I wanted to do something non-traditional with my law degree. I’ve always looked for ways to be in public policy or advocacy.

On to the fun questions…what’s your favorite song currently playing on your phone or radio?
“Flawless,” by Beyonce.

Are you a sports fan?
I’m not a huge fan of sports, but I do like basketball — Miami Heat.

What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
I do P90X3. Things like Crossfit or bootcamp.

What was your favorite food as a kid?
I used to love sub sandwiches.

Still a favorite?
Yeah, it’s still a favorite, but I look to stay healthy and do clean eating. I exercise and try to eat more veggies and stay away from the bread.

If you could take a dream vacation, no matter the cost, to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Greece. I’m a big fan of water and I just think the scenery is beautiful there. I think it would be a good time.

You’re a lawyer now, but was there another career you wanted as young person?
I’ve known I wanted to be a lawyer since second grade. I had my mind made up. It was a goal of mine. And, my uncle tells me that when I was little, like in pre-K, I did a school play and I was an attorney in that play. My family always, I think, knew that being an attorney was in my blood.

What’s the best gift if you’ve ever received?
Miranda, my partner, gave me a ring. I wear it every day. I love it.

Your favorite season of the year?
Spring. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Also, I was born in the spring. : :

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.