A landmark coalition of local, regional and national LGBT and ally organizations came together over the past several months to work on Charlotte’s proposed LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances. The provisions were rejected by Charlotte City Council on March 2. It’s not the first time Charlotte’s LGBT community has worked together toward a common cause, but the Charlotte Non-Discrimination Ordinance Coalition represents one of the largest, wide-ranging ad-hoc efforts to address LGBT equality in the Queen City. Groups in the coalition, which will certainly grow with new members over the next few months, intend to continue their push for the ordinances. Read more about that in our cover story at goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/34576/. For now, here’s a brief shout out and introduction to the groups that worked diligently on the ordinances package.

Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC)
Charlotte’s and Mecklenburg County’s local LGBT advocacy group, which evaluates candidates for local offices and offers endorsements and voter guides during elections. The group also works on local policy advocacy.

Charlotte Business Guild
Charlotte’s local LGBT Chamber of Commerce. The group offers trainings and educational events for local LGBT and ally business owners, as well as social events and advocates for LGBT inclusion in business.

Clergy for Equality
A coalition of local LGBT-affirming clergy members advocating for and promoting equality and justice from a faith perspective.

Equality NC
North Carolina’s statewide LGBT education and advocacy organization.

Human Rights Campaign
The nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization.

LGBT Democrats of Mecklenburg County
The local county caucus of the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina. The group works to raise awareness of LGBT inclusion in the Democratic Party, support the election of Democrats and promote the Democratic Party’s platform for equality and inclusion.

A Charlotte support group for transgender people and their allies.

Straight Allies Charlotte
A coalition of straight allies advocating and mobilizing for their LGBT friends, family and loves ones in Charlotte.

Democracy NC
Statewide, non-partisan research, organizing and advocacy organization devoted to voter participation and democracy.

ACLU of North Carolina
The state affiliate of the national American Civil Liberties Union.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.