Not Your Typical Bartender, #1

qnotes wants to thank our other contestants in this year’s inaugural Charlotte’s Favorite LGBT Bartender Contest. The winning title could only go to one person, but each of these folks are winners in our book and got plenty of votes from their most loyal patrons! Keep up the great work!

jannetcorlessJannet Corless
L4 Lounge

What do you enjoy most about working as a bartender? What I love most about bartending is the scene. I started gogo dancing and bartending in California. I love the attention, beautiful women and watching people have a good time. From the different drinks to the tricks of the trade. Every night’s a different drink set and a new crowd. I’ve been everywhere from hot spots to starting a new bar from the bottom. In any crowd or situation, I’m a hit. ;) One out of five lesbians should know me by name or by Asian persuasion. I am a veteran at bartending and lead bartender at Charlotte’s hottest new sexy ladies lesbian bar. I turned bartending not only into my job, but my atmosphere from dream to reality.

liamjohnsLiam Johns
Petra’s Piano Bar

What do you enjoy most about working as a bartender? After six years of working in EMS as a paramedic, I wanted a job that kept me on the edge of my feet. The interaction with people in my neighborhood enriches my life as I grow to meet the LGBT and straight community. Being out as a transgender man and working as a bartender,

I feel I give further encouragement to others to feel safe and accepted in themselves. I help create a more safe and accepted, unconditional nightlife experience for my patrons. Thriving to uphold utmost satisfaction, including ensuring a safe way home at night.

leahlarsonLeah Larson
L4 Lounge

What do you enjoy most about working as a bartender? I enjoy meeting new people and bringing smiles to people’s faces! I work for one of the best lesbian couples I know. I love serving the LGBT community.

Ryan Lynch
Cathode Azure

ryanlynchWhat do you enjoy most about working as a bartender? One of the biggest pleasures of working as a bartender at Cathode Azure is my ability to meet all walks of life as members (and some allies) of the LGBT community. The diversity of people within our community is astounding!! And I get paid to have fun and help all these people relax after long work weeks. What makes a great bartender in the first place? They get you your drink quickly and make you feel great while doing it. I’m a well-known and attractive, muscular, and tattooed bartender that strives to make every customer feel like we’re the only ones in there and are having a personal conversation.


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