In the last decade many, many gains have been made for our gay brothers and lesbian sisters especially in the area of marriage equality. The wise and astute re-branding of “gay marriage” into “marriage equality” did overtime work wonders for us. Decades ago who would have thought that today all of us could get legally married in each and every jurisdiction in these United States? Other remarkable gains with greater acceptance and tolerance have been blessedly achieved for gays and lesbians, but sadly progress for bisexuals — especially for bisexual and bi-curious men — has lagged behind, and now our transgender siblings are increasingly under attack, most recently in the Armed Services and even in accessing public restrooms in many states across the country today.

Sadly, bisexual men and bi-curious men are once again being shoved further and ever deeper into their closets and are left there in fear and isolation. Sadly, acceptance even from our gay and lesbian siblings has lagged, and whereas the large LGBT family should be united and one, it is nowhere nearer to that today than it was decades ago. Bisexuals, especially men, are just not yet fully accepted and welcomed into our LGBT family as they rightfully should be. One day this will come and it must — so we are asking you to help make that a reality sooner than later. One day at a time.

An important first step for all of us was and is greater self-acceptance and greater self-understanding. It is all too often so very difficult for bisexual and bi-curious men to do this. The Bi Men Network has been helping in this regard online since the 1990s as a continuous support and presence for our men at and in recent years with our own Bi Men Network, as well as our new online bi men social fraternity, Beta Mu, and more recently our Facebook public presence. We are reaching out here to you today to ask your help in letting bisexual and bi-curious men you may know now, or come to know in the future, know about these real opportunities to find and discover both greater self-acceptance and self-understanding.

For over 20 years now we have had many free resources online and readily available to all bisexual and bi-curious men worldwide. We implore all our gay, lesbian and transgender siblings to offer your help to all bisexual and bi-curious men — those you know now and those you will meet and encounter again and again. They are often newcomers to the LGBT family and all too often they need your patience, your care and concern, and your understanding. All too often they are not yet where you are on their life paths to self-acceptance and self-understanding. They need and deserve your compassion and empathy and just a little help as they make their own way on their own life path, albeit different than your own. The LGBT family is a big tent — we likely are at least 20 up to even a high of 40 percent of the entire human race and not just the 1 in 10. There is room for all of us.

So, please help all members of our LGBT family in our common pursuit of happiness and greater self-acceptance and self-understanding for all of us!

Thank you all so very much for listening, for caring and for being there for all of us now and for the future!

Best Wishes,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud
Founder and CEO
Bi Men Network


Alpha Founding Father
Beta Mu Society
The Bi Men Online Social Fraternity

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