Following a California federal judge’s decision to overturn Proposition 8, the two-person, husband-wife anti-gay hit team of state Sen. James Forrester and his wife Mary Frances Forrester hit to the streets and media. What did they have to say? Oh, you shouldn’t have to ask that question…

The Gaston Gazette reports:

N.C. Sen. Jim Forrester sees the overturning of California’s voter approved same-sex marriage ban as a step backward.

“The people in California voted for marriage between one man and one woman,” said Forrester, who has sponsored a bill to ban gay marriage in North Carolina every year. “And not just what one judge came in and decided to do.”


Forrester said he thought the judge should recuse himself from ruling on the issue since he is gay. Rumors that Walker is gay have been circulating for months in blogs, though the judge has not spoken on the issue.


Forrester said polls have shown that a majority of the North Carolinians believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. That’s also Forrester’s belief as a Baptist.

“I certainly believe that they should have equal rights,” Forrester said. “I don’t think that they ought to be marrying each other.”

The Courage Campaign’s NOM Tour Trackers were at the National Organization for Marriage rally in Raleigh on Aug. 10. They caught video of Mary Frances Forrester, who in 2008 wrote an outrageously infactual, hate-filled op-ed on the website of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. That op-ed, whose errors were recognized by the Christian Action League’s executive, was eventually pulled from the website.

The Courage Campaign notes:

Before the rally, I re-read Mary Forrester, the wife of the NC State Senator who sponsors a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and a leader with NC’s chapter of Concerned Women for America, and her op-ed claiming the average age of sexually active homosexual males is 42- and for those with AIDS, 39- claims that were so false and incendiary that the Christian Action League actually pulled her op-ed from their website and published acknowledgment of the factual errors.

She has now revised her claim of the average age of a homosexual male to 55 (presumably, this is for non-sexually active gays). She also claims that domestic violence in “homosexual households” is double the rate of non-homosexual households, and that redefining marriage will lead to the end of marriage, which she claims happened in “Scandanavia”. Oh, kay.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.