Well, kiddies, here we are again in my little world where the best looking women just happen to be males! So much to hash and re-hash, I don’t know where to begin.

In the past month or so, Miss Della has been out a little more than usual. I saw a Sunday night show not too long ago at Scorpio that featured the likes of Gypsy Starr, her daughter (the current Miss Scorpio) Emery Starr, a former Miss Scorpio Beverly Johnson, and, of course, the disco diva, Brooklyn Dior.

All-American at Large Kelexis. Photo Credit: Sotofotos.

On that same night, my roommie and I ran through Le Colours, the gay night at the Latino bar Skandalos, but the show was already over. I did get to see manager Jorge and bumped into an old friend who had done the show that night. Her name is Julie O’Connell. Then of course, for Memorial Day, former Miss America Kerri Nichols showed out and was joined by Brooklyn, Angela Lopez and a new girl by the name of D’zzire who gave the kids two, count them, two production numbers. I think there’s a diva in the making.

I forgot last time to mention a few more things about the Miss NC U.S.ofA. pageant that I’d attended the month before, like Brandi Andrews winning Most Beautiful and Brandonna Dupree getting Promoter of the Year. Doug McAlister was also recognized for having the longest running prelim to Miss NC, that of Cosmopolitan. Congrats to all!

That brings us to the big U.S.ofA. pageants that took place in Dallas just two weeks ago — Miss Classic and Miss U.S.ofA. First of all, let me congratulate Tiffany Storm and Von Entertainment on winning Best Regional Prelim of the Year for their Miss East Coast contest held back in December. Way to go! Their first alternate, Cassandra Hilton, also won the Michael Andrews Most Beautiful Award. What an honor, girlfriend, to have anything associated with that name. My good friend Bob Taylor, owner of the Miss Florida U.S.ofA. pageants, won the Hospitality Award for good treatment of the national titleholders, and the Best Promoter Production for all the mini-events that lead up to his contests.

Anyway, for Classic, the contestants were Lady LaTweet, Masquerade, Stephanie Stuart, Cristina Chase, Amber Nixx, Iroc Octavia Goodness, Ushante Foxx, Victoria Lace, Neveah Blue, Missy Klein, Alexis De La Mer and your Top 5: 4th runner-up — Sharde Ross, 3rd — Kofi, 2nd — Danielle Hunter, 1st — Catia Lee Love and winner, Whitney Paige. A former Miss At Large comes back and shows them that she had what it took all over again. Congrats, sis, on yet another crown. Hats off to LaWanda Jackson on a fantastic year. Also, congrats are in order for Shae Shae LaReese who won the Governor’s Award of Distinguished Service for Miss Classic.

Just nights later, Miss U.S.ofA. was held and I’m told it was quite a pageant. My sistas Tajma Hall and Kelexis Davenport emceed. I know those hookas were painted for the border. The finalists included Natasha Cass, Victoria LePaige, Amaya Mann, Tahjae Thomas, Dorae Saunders, Natasha Braxton, Naomi St. James, 4th RU — Tionna Steele, 3rd — Christina Ross, 2nd — Amy DeMilo, 1st — Luscious (on her first attempt), and the winner, Dominique Sanchez of Little Rock, Ark.! OMG — two former Misses America in the Top 2 at Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Fantastic! The best non-finalist was Jayda Alexander.

That leads us right into recent winners of prelims to Miss Gay America, like Londenn Rain who just won Miss OK with RU Mya Mokha Iman and Miss Mid-Atlantic which Symphony Alexander Love won with RU Sue Nami and Miss Heart of America, which former Charlottean Sasha Leigh Chambers won with RU Sally Sparkles.

Speaking of Kelexis earlier, I wanted to tell you a little about her win of the All-American Goddess at Large in Atlanta recently. She’s pictured this time and what a mug that is! There were 17 contestants at the contest she won; she won several categories, minus Talent, which went to Kitty Litter. Fourth RU was Addison Taylor, 3rd — Envy Van Michaels, 2nd — Kitty, and 1st — Ginger Ale. Kelexis is loving all the travel…still wish she’d go do Continental PLUS one day.

On the local scene, congrats are going out to Jessica Raynes Starr who won the Mecklenburg Co. America, the first prelim to Miss NC; her RU was Aqua St. Mark. The new Miss NC EOY is Anjelica Dust with RU Eureka O’Hara. Congrats are also due Brooke Divine LaReese who just won Miss Atlanta World International with RU Lady Aria. The new Miss Scandals is Manhattan with RU Chyna. And, the first Miss Irving Park was recently held at Warehouse 29 and Neely O’Hara won, and her RUs were Gabrielle Berlyn and Greta Gargoyle.

In closing, please send up prayers for Tennessee entertainer Bianca Page who was not doing too well at press time. : :

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