The Twirl to the World Foundation has introduced their third round of grants for LGBTQ adults who have been affected either directly or indirectly by COVID-19. These funds have been specifically allocated for those who are struggling to afford medical attention, food, or transportation. The creation of the organization itself is based around the needs of LGBTQ individuals; especially children affected by HIV or AIDS. Since Twirl to the World was founded in 2009, over $180,000 has been raised for Charlotte’s minoritized communities.

According to the Twirl to the World website over $12,600 was doled out in July 2020, via the Twirl Assistance Program (TAP) ( TAP’s purpose is to provide aid for those struggling to pay for basic human necessities, including medication, co-pays, gas, bus passes and meals, as their needs dictate.

Although Twirl to the World began as a holiday party with charitable intentions, it has expanded to include non-seasonal opportunities. TAP is one such opportunity that Twirl to the World founders, Zuni Johnson and his husband Jason McCraw have helped develop with such partners as Winter Awakening, Transcend Charlotte, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Smart Start and RAIN. Transcend Charlotte and RAIN will also be receiving funds from Twirl to the World for LGBTQ clients and employees.

The annual Twirl to the World holiday fundraiser has yet to be scheduled for 2021, however more information is expected as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and related ordinances develop.

If you’re interested and in need, the deadline for this round of applicant submissions is coming up fast: March 31. Additional information on the next round will be forthcoming. Apply for TAP at

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