On Sept. 15, SC Pride held a press conference at the South Carolina State Capitol to announce why “SC is So Gay.” They invited everyone to come stand with them and show their pride.

Best of luck in getting folks to stand with you, because when MBF Productions tried to do something positive for GLBT issues here in Columbia and South Carolina, not one would stand up for us.

People are too afraid of losing their jobs or getting run out of town to stand up because of attitudes as seen in the censorship of “Naked Boys Singing” by The State (“S.C. paper says ‘No way’ to ‘So gay’ Broadway,” Sept. 6).

Where are all the GLBT community and outrage at such violations of basic constitutional rights — wherever they are, only one or two have stood up to support this article or comment on the homophoic bigotry.

This is why the homophobic South always wins because the majority stand silent in fear. Thus the few that do stand up can not get enough support to make anything positive happen.

The established GLBT community will not and does not support anything or anyone outside their little cliques, but expect everyone to support them and ignore or decry those who don’t.

Kudos to Editor Matt Comer and Q-Notes for having the courage to at least run the article and our ads for “Naked Boys Singing.” At least he tried to make a difference. Yet, not one response from any one in the gay community to his well-presented article and the issues of censorship and discrimination it pointed out.

I guess the South Carolina GLBT Community is content to remain in the closet and have what few token rights they have to their festival as long as they behave, keep a low profile and dont cross the line!

How dare GLBT people consider themselves equals and call themselves a community when they expect everyone else to stand up for them when they won’t even stand up for themselves?

“And God forbid you step on the toes of certain figurheads in the Columbia SC glbt community because if you do, you will pay dearly.” That was told to me by various long time gay residents here. How true and how sad.

Ed. Note — Norman Flowers is the stage manager and production assistant for MBF Productions.

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