It seems we made a little boo-boo. A lack of foresight, if you will.

While we absolutely love the cover design on our Sept. 18, 2010 print edition, we’ve been made aware that it’s confusing. It’s a shame, really, because the cover is one of our favorites so far this year. Shucks.

Folks with NC Pride phoned us over the weekend and yesterday. They say they’ve received a dozen phone calls from folks asking if the annual NC Pride Festival and Parade in Durham has been moved to Charlotte. Simple answer: No, it hasn’t.

The confusion was caused by our cover design, which placed the words “nc pride” on top of the word “charlotte.” In promoting both of the events on the same cover, we didn’t notice how the words might be misinterpreted by readers. We regret the confusion.

NC Pride is in Durham, as it has been for years. And, Pride Charlotte is in Charlotte, as it has been for years. NC Pride is set for Sept. 25, with Pride Charlotte following on Oct. 2.