CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Queen City’s local LGBT community newspaper announced today that they have begun their annual review of LGBT community non-profit organizations.

Each year, QNotes reviews annual tax filings from several local non-profit organizations in Charlotte and several regional organizations based in the Carolinas. Additionally, the newspaper invites local organizations to participate in a survey asking further questions about their revenue and expenses.

This year, QNotes is shifting the focus of its annual review from organizations’ expenses to their revenue.

“We are hoping that local organizations will share with us exactly how they are being supported and to what extent,” said editor Matt Comer. “Our local organizations depend on the support of individual donors, in addition to grants and sponsors, so that they can continue to fulfill their missions and serve the community. How much of our local groups’ revenue is supported by individual donors? We think that’s an important question for the current and future health and well-being of groups doing important and essential work on our behalf.”

A 2012 Movement Advancement Project survey of leading national LGBT organizations estimated that only three percent of LGBT adults in the U.S. contributed $35 or more to national organizations, representing 36 percent of national organizations’ revenues. In nearby Georgia, just 368 people contributed to Georgia’s statewide LGBT equality group — only 0.125 percent of that state’s total LGBT population, according to a January 2013 analysis by The GA Voice.

QNotes wants to know how LGBT organizations are faring and how individual community members are showing their support for this important work,” said Comer. “Economists and bureaucrats may technically consider the Great Recession over, but ¬†are organizations still experiencing fundraising challenges in a continued economic recovery? Our survey hopes to answer those questions.”

The newspaper is currently collecting recent non-profit tax filings and has sent a short survey to local non-profits. It hopes to collect all responses by Oct. 11. Results will be published alongside exclusive reports on the topic in the newspaper’s Oct. 25-Nov. 7, 2013, print edition and online.

For more information, contact editor Matt Comer at 704-531-9988, ext. 202 or by email at