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Thank goodness it’s Friday! This week has been a doozy — between finishing the latest edition of Qnotes and Election Day, this has been a busy week. My name is Taylor, and I’m here to bring you this week’s headlines right to your inbox.

You may have noticed the cover of the latest paper is a collage of San Francisco, one of the queer capitals of the U.S. I traveled to the Golden State to learn about what San Francisco (or SF, as the locals call it) is doing to address homelessness amongst its trans and gender-nonconforming population.

You can read that story below.

How San Francisco is addressing the challenge of Trans homelessness

Homelessness among LGBTQ+ identifying people is far more prevalent than in other communities, with transgender and gender-nonconforming people unhoused at the highest rate in the community. According to the Texas Homeless Network and the Trevor Project, one in three transgender people in the United States have experienced homelessness. […]

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‘Letter to My Transgender Daughter’

By Terri Schlichenmeyer

The piece of cake you cut into did not have a pastel center. There were […]

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Pro-LGBTQ+ mayor incumbent wins election in Conway, South Carolina

After a tumultuous election cycle, pro-LGBTQ+ mayoral incumbent Barbara Blain-Bellamy of Conway, South Carolina, defeated […]

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Carrboro candidates team up with Raleigh-based drag queen to encourage residents to vote

Eliazar Posada — along with other candidates for office — wanted to find a way to bring younger voters to the polls for the 2023 Carrboro municipal election. However, he wanted the solution to be something unique to not just Carrboro, but to the entire state. […]

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools keeps LGBTQ+ book on shelves, bans viral fantasy book

A special committee advisory board for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools met Tuesday, October 31, to determine the […]

Scorpio displaced by mega ‘Elevation’ Church

Within days of being listed as the longest running nightclub in a Qnotes story recognizing […]

Former State Senator for Mecklenburg County district announces Attorney General campaign

A familiar face to the Charlotte area has announced their campaign for Attorney General — […]

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