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‘For the future of our community, we need to get behind this … we have to stop the hate.’ – Shelby Savage.

Verbal harassment and humiliation aimed at Savage exploded live and on stage June 17, at The Bar at 316. The firestorm of reaction has led to more than 250 signatures of condemnation from well-known performers, high-profile individuals and businesses in the LGBTQ community.

Incident at Bar 316 mobilizes LGBTQ Community to action

Community members are crying foul and pointing to continuing evidence of racist and discriminatory behavior from owner Jeff Edwards. […]

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Republicans play ‘cancel culture’ with drag

Across the country and here at home in North Carolina Republicans have been hard at work attempting to erase drag culture, without giving a second thought to the potential fiscal fallout. […]

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How anti-drag laws are impacting Pride celebrations across the country

In March, in the neighboring state of Tennessee, Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed a bill severely restricting drag shows on public property, making the state the first in the U.S. to pass such a law […]

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How can Pride fight hate?

Drag performers and performances have historically been a part of Pride events dating back to the late 20th century […]

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SCOTUS refuses to hear Christian college lawsuit about trans student housing

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a private Christian college’s legal challenge to President Joe Biden’s executive order prohibiting LGBTQ+ housing discrimination. On Biden’s first day in office, he signed a sweeping executive order instructing executive agencies to interpret federal civil rights legislation as already banning discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in many areas […]

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