Charlotte Pride Scholarship for LGBTQ or Allied Students
Working to improve the financial hardships that graduating high schoolers or currently enrolled undergraduates may be facing, the Charlotte Pride Scholarship will award up to $2,500 per recipient. Applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores, high school/college transcripts, employment history, extracurriculars/community involvement, and either a short essay or original art piece. The deadline is July 11. To apply, go to

North Carolina

Transgender Initiative Gender Social on Zoom
Taking place on April 26 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the LGBT Center of Raleigh will be hosting a social event for gender-expansive persons who want the company of like-minded individuals. Allies are welcome as long as they maintain the atmosphere of respect and trustworthiness. This virtual get-together will include games and conversation, with a promise to reconnect on the next monthly social that will also take place via Zoom on every fourth Monday. With queries, email Kori Hennessey at 

HIV Virtually Speaks on Jones Street
Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on May 4, the North Carolina AIDS Action Network and the Southern AIDS Coalition will be making the virtual trip to the North Carolina General Assembly with participants welcome to tag along. The event will start with a briefing on public policy in regards to HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV)  as it has affected North Carolinians in the past year. Elected officials will be available to speak with participants throughout the day via breakout meetings. To register, go to


New Jersey Passes LGBTQ Senior Bill of Rights
LGBTQ and HIV-positive elders are now protected by law thanks to Senate Bill 2545 (SB 2545) was passed by Gov. Phil Murphy in March. The synopsis for this bill states its primary objects as follows: “Establishes certain requirements concerning rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, undesignated/non-binary, questioning, queer, intersex and HIV-positive residents of long-term care facilities.” Any facility pertaining to elder care will not be able to discriminate against any residents due to their HIV or LGBTQ status, including with bathroom and bedroom assignments, liberty to wear gender affirming clothing and proper pronoun usage. 

Rainbow Families Annual Conference Introduces School Fair
From May 22 to 23, the Rainbow Families Annual Conference will offer workshops on LGBTQ health, finances, legislation, careers and several other topics. These interactive conversations will take place throughout Saturday; including panels titled “It’s More Than Hair ­— Why Black Hair Care Is Important”, “Sex Education: Through the Years” and “Doula 101: What is a Doula, What Do They Do, and How Do I Afford One”. Sunday will be the sponsor expo and school fair. This school fair will feature education workshops as well as resources for back-to-school shopping and maintaining safe learning environments during COVID-19.

Governor of Arizona Vetoes Homophobic Sex Education Bill
Arizona Senate Bill 1456 (SB 1456, aka “Sex Education Instruction Parental Rights”) was vetoed by Gov. Doug Ducey on April 20. If passed, this bill would have made sex education “opt-in only” for students’ parents, meaning that not even health-related subject matter would be taught in classes. Critics of SB 1456 stated that it would also make it impossible for schools to teach about AIDS, the Stonewall Riots or any other historical topic relating to the LGBTQ community. Although the partisan Republican bill was passed by House of Representatives, Gov. Ducey subsequently decided to veto the harmful legislation. 

Hyundai Supports LGBTQ Media and Film
On April 8, Hyundai supported the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards as well as the Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival from April 16 to 20. This inclusivity initiative has also introduced a Hyundai commercial, titled Chosen Family, that featured LGBTQ persons. Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai, Angela Zepeda said, “It is important for us to support this community from both a consumer and employee perspective. Hyundai has achieved a 100 percent score in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index for five consecutive years.” 

Alaskan Government Denies Same-Sex Military Couples Benefits
An article released by the Associated Press investigates the state of Alaska’s persistence of banning same-sex marriage benefits even after the Supreme Court legalization of such unions in 2015. “It is disturbing that it took five years and a federal lawsuit to force the state to follow the law and stop its discriminatory policy,” Caitlin Shortell, an Anchorage attorney and representative of several LGBTQ couples, stated. 

Christian College’s Discriminatory Policies Lead to Loss of Confidence in Board of Trustees 
Seattle Pacific University’s board of trustees voted to retain the right to terminate the employment or refuse to hire persons who are part of the LGBTQ community. The faculty at this Christian college issued a statement that the majority, 72 percent, of the employees believed that the university would be unable to flourish with these discriminatory practices in place. Prior to this vote, the handbook read, “we affirm that sexual experience is intended between a man and a woman.” According to the Seattle Times, the hiring policy at Seattle Pacific University makes it so that employees “are expected to refrain from…sexually immoral behavior that is inconsistent with Biblical standards, including cohabitation and extramarital sexual activity.”

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