I want my Queer TV. Has television ever been more diverse when it comes to transgender characters, drag queens and more? Check out these shows, and learn what all the buzz is about.


The new FX 1980s drama “POSE” brings together the largest transgender cast ever in a deeply emotional, heartfelt drama about ball culture. This is one of my personal favorites as it tells the story of ballers and the family of ballroom competition. Plus the show is forthright in sharing about the AIDS crisis, as well as the real impact on trans lives of color, their health and families. Definitely must-see!

‘Lost in Transition’

TLC has a new series, “Lost in Transition,” that brings the subject of “transitioning” out in the public for families. The show highlights the lives of four couples and their families as told from the wives’ point of view. The husband in each family has recently shared with his wife his years-long struggle with his gender identity, and the show follows the families during one of the most challenging times in their marriages.


Showtime does it again with the first nonbinary role on American series television. The character Taylor Mason on “Billions” is played by actor Asia Kate Dillon who also identifies as non-binary. “Billions” is a timely and relevant drama about the life of power and politics in the world of New York high finance.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

It’s like candy! Everybody wants some now that its on VH1. “RuPauls Drag Race” just finished Season 10 of the drag reality competition series and also three seasons of All Stars. Season 11 is reportedly finished taping and will air in November or February. Now that drag has gone mainstream on VH1, who knows what the future will hold for drag queens? I predict America and the world will never be the same.

‘I Am Jazz’

TLC’s “I Am Jazz” follows Jazz Jennings, who at the age of two asked her mother when “a fairy was going to change her from a boy to a girl.” The TLC docuseries follows Jazz, now 14, and her unique perspectives as she faces life as a teenager, being transgender, high school, dating and family life.

‘Queer Eye’

Get your tissues ready. It’s time to laugh and cry — a lot. Netflix reboots the Bravo series and brings together a new “Queer Eye” gang of five. Just like the old series, the gang continues to do life-changing makeovers on the lives of men — and women — and shares tips on “style” and, of course, reminds us just how fabulous we are. This time the show goes beyond New York City and instead travels to still often queer-phobic Southern towns and rural areas.

‘Andi Mack’

Disney is back again with “Andi Mack.” The TV series launched on the Disney Channel in April 2017. It is at the top of the charts with kids age 6-14 and is the first series on Disney Channel to have a gay middle school boy and main character. The “coming out” story line is historic for kids, for Disney and for all of us. : :