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Someone’s Sister is a long-time North Carolina band favorite. The quartet of openly out performers recently released their second album, “Calm In The Chaos.” It certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Comparisons to the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge have been long said, but Someone’s Sister shouldn’t be limited to these comparisons — they are women with a message and a cause.

Georgia Winfree, Katherine Jones, Tammy Somerset and Laura McLean are known for their candid and powerful, live folk-rock acoustic performances. And like them, the album opens up with the rocking and passionate “Free,” with a focus on freedom from hurt and pain, as well as the comfort felt in making it to the “light of day.” “40 Days” is a great acoustic retrospective in the search for answers and new beginnings.

“Wait” could easily be retitled to “Safe,” focusing on an unhappy marriage, a secret crush, and having to wait to live your life honestly with a lot of sacrifices buoyed: “and so you wait for that perfect / time when you are safe.”

“Virginia” is more narrative then most of the songs on the album, with powerful lyrics: “but there is nothing that will teach you like living for your dying. / yeah there is nothing that will teach / you like laughing when you’re crying. / i know. i know.”

“Saturday Night Live” is a fun rock/jazz/blues song about having a great Saturday out downtown and enjoying live music. “Saturday Night Live” could be describing any Saturday night seeing Someone’s Sister performing.

“The Game” is one of the more country-flavored songs, and is a witty life analogy about priorities and trying to figure out which way to turn. “Father” is a beautiful folk acoustic and sentimental tribute to Katherine Jones’ father.

Someone’s Sister are all strong singer-songwriters. A common theme in their music is life, especially putting it in perspective by comparing it to the trials and tribulations one meets on their unique journey. They are passionate truthtellers, strong women, and champions for the voiceless, and you need no further evidence of this after hearing “Witness,” and the powerful and undeniable “Because They’re Out There.”

There’s no overhyped propaganda about Someone’s Sister. They are the real deal and a force in indie music, singing their songs of truth, passion and living your life to the fullest.

Proceeds to the purchase of “Calm In The Chaos” go to the creation of a child abuse prevention foundation.

On Jan. 23, join Someone’s Sister and other great performers at’s first Out Impact Friday. The 18+ event will be held at the Soapbox Laundro-Lounge at 255 N. Front St. in Wilmington. Admission is $5.

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